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Neue Rituale

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The module provides a list of PageTable based content elements. It enables the backend user to easily create, publish, move, delete, copy and paste content elements.

The rendering logic of the module is detached from the ProcessWire backend scope via Shadow DOM and allows the elements rendering identical to the front end. It ships with some helper functions that simplify the handling of content elements.

Github: https://github.com/neuerituale/PageTableNext
Module directory: https://processwire.com/modules/page-table-next/
Composer: composer require nr/pagetablenext

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Posted (edited)

Hello @Neue Rituale,

I’m exploring your module possibilities. It seems very useful.
I can’t figure out something though. I’m sure it’s very simple.
Let say I have a ptn field in my homepage. I defined a template (named "section") to be used with this ptn field as an element.

In the php template file of this section, how can I display the section title ? If I write $page->title, I get "Home" (so the title of the page where the ptn field lives), instead of the section title itself.
Said in another way, the $page variable is not scoped to the element template. It’s always scoped to the page template. So how can I catch the field value of the element templates?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS: for custom CSS, it seems that, because of the shadow DOM, the CSS custom properties like --bg-color scooped in the root of the page are not defined when used in the shadow DOM.

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Hello @TomPich,

if I have understood correctly, you are looking for $value.
$page is the page on which the sections are created, $value is the section page (@see ___renderValueWrapper() ).

The :root properties in css must also be defined in :host for the shadow dom.

:root, :host {
	--color-white: #fff;
	--color-light: #F5F5F5;
	--color-gray-light: #EEEEEE;
	--color-silver: silver;


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