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  1. joshuag

    Happy new year!

    Soma, you really are from the future!
  2. ok, I want to catch a DB exception inside a module... but I am thinking that modules don't get loaded if there is a DB connection error... so I think I am hooped.
  3. Does anyone know a way that I can create a module hook that can hook into PW exceptions? I don't see any methods in the Exception Classes that are hookable ___ . Thanks in advance,
  4. I didn't see a way to do this either. just checked.
  5. no error message. Using Chrome Version 24.0.1312.45 beta OS X 10.7.5
  6. hey, I am not sure what is happening, but the page select field |add button was broken in your theme. Instead of being a button, it just shows a bunch of IDs. Here is a screenshot.
  7. I always put these kind of things into the home template. If there are a lot of fields for a header or footer that I want a client to manage I stick them in a /FieldsetTabOpen/close set. So you end up with tabs in the home page edit screen with something like this: Content | Header | Footer | Children | Settings | View
  8. This looks really nice. Installing it now. Thanks for your great work!
  9. I have been on Mediatemple for about 10 years now. I love them. I know people out there on the web have mixed feelings, but after trying and dealing with a tonne of hosts over the years I don't want to use anything else. I have about 150 domains on the MT grid and a couple V dedicated servers. Always awesome, great support, good prices. My 2 cents.
  10. Happy Holidays awesome people! 2013 is going to be an awesome (PW) year. Wishing you all the best and thanks for contributing to a fantastic 2012!
  11. joshuag

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome! Glad to have you
  12. You are correct, the = Equals works. It's the only selector that works. I realized that you can't mix native and custom fields together. Not sure why, but ok. I went into the "Page Search" Module and changed the settings.
  13. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I want to search in the user>name field. and I want people to be able to type a username into the search field in the admin header and get results... without having to use the advanced panel. whenever I try to search the name field of a user template, I get 2 error notices (swap whatever operator you want in there): 1. Operator '~=' is not yet supported for fields native to pages table 2. Field does not exist: name Hope that makes sense.
  14. Does anyone know how I can make the processwire admin search include users in the search results?
  15. Thanks nik... I am doing some experiments now.
  16. Great work! I love less is more.
  17. Hi awesome Processwire folks, I want to make custom processwire admin views. For example, let's say I wanted to create a top level section in the PW admin for managing videos. And I want to use a data grid (just for examples sake... I would probably design a good layout for this - something effective and easy to use)... I know how to add pages to the admin interface by adding them in the page tree, pretty straight forward. The problem is, I am really having a hard time understanding the admin.php template and how the ajax call, methods work. To be honest, I have made a few attempts to modify the behaviors etc in this file with little success. I don't quite understand how processes work at all in PW. I read the classes and it can be over my head in some cases. Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can get my head around this and how I can really start taking advantage of PW to build out some more complex PW admin functionality... any suggestions at all. Thanks in advance,
  18. @ panictree - I really like your work.
  19. Is it just me or are processwire designer/developers a classy group of people? All these sites I keep seeing are well designed, expertly executed, all around quality work!
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