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  1. I think it's best if each have seperate configuration but work the way this initial release works where they fall back to the primary config. In many cases dB names and users etc will be the same, but I can totally see cases where they will be different. It would be a huge help!
  2. This is great @ryan - Quick question. Digital Oceon doesn't automatically balance between all the read only nodes as RDS does. Is it possible or is it on the roadmap to allow adding multiple nodes in PW and PW distributes between that list of nodes. Could be as simple as an array of dbReaders, with PW randomly selecting from the array for each read request. Or round robin. That would allow it to be much more flexible setup and support self hosting read replicas for example. Otherwise fantastic work this is great.
  3. How have you found ploi? Im well up for making use of their additional server types. Specifically it doesn't look like they give an Apache option, are you running Processwire on Nginx?
  4. Thanks for implementing this Ryan. It was a secret feature request of mine I had wrongfully assumed would be out of scope and will immediately assist me in scaling a PW project I'm working on currently. Well done. ? (Offloading to S3 would also be awesome, anything to make PW more stateless)
  5. @ryan great work, I love this! This can totally form part of a great API endpoint generator. Or auto allowing Ajax endpoints for getting resources. Is it possible to get the whole request URL in the hook handler? Incase you want to handle any number of sub routes? Or do you have to explicitly name each path segment? (Oh I guess the regex option enables this as per your JSON example. )
  6. I've added a PR @flydev ?? to allow using S3 Prefixes so you can use a single bucket for multiple sites. PR here: https://github.com/flydev-fr/Duplicator/pull/8
  7. What we need is really easy ways to contribute and build motivation towards contributions. - slack/discord for real-time Comms - merging PRs in the Processwire repo instead of the weird closing the PR and copy pasting it in. I raised a PR years ago, got no feedback and was told it may have fine in via copy and paste. I closed the PR myself to reduce noise and haven't entertained the idea of contributing since. Unless this has changed, start treating it like a modern open source project - roadmap on the GitHub board - indentified maintainers on the GitHub repo - a backlog / causal kanban style agile setup - monthly maintainer video calls to go over backlog etc. Maybe anyone can join. Maybe video recorded. - a patron or way to donate to the PW project. This pot can be used to pay maintainers to work on critical features etc. E.g. through donations with have enough money to fund 1 week of work, what should Ryan / another maintainer take time off their normal work to work on. - key goals established for the core maintainer team. We should as a whole be marching the same direction. (Though obviously people can work on what they want, but has to pass review) - a plan that @ryan is comfortable with to slowly distribute the reigns. We don't want to move too fast and over burden the core. - some sort of backlog voting system, instead of posts on the forum. - Id really like to modernise the process around Processwire. That scares anybody larger than a sole freelancer away from the project. Bigger users mean more support. More pro modules being sold etc. - on that note. Can we have the shop not just be Ryan's modules but extended to other pais for modules. I don't like that they are strewn across the web. (And Ryan charge a fee.)
  8. Is it possible to have the backup only run on certain hosts? I don't want it to backup my localhost to S3, just the production site. Also - it would be ace if it would only backup on page saves. As 99% of the time my sites are static so a FE render doesn't matter. Hooking into page saves would be great. Though we'd ideally want to limit it as well =/ (Maybe debug mode is a good proxy for this, a tickbox for debugging in debug mode.)
  9. If you're running on a VPS you can use a service like Grafana Cloud or LogDNA to watch the various log files and send them at a system level.
  10. Great work @kongondo. This looks fantastically feature-filled. You've obviously made a massive investment in this module, especially from a behind the scenes technical point of view. It is a shame in one sense it isn't built out if processwire pages, but it's obviously more powerful or efficient to have escaped the limitations of that setup. My only concern personally is the UI. I do prefer it over the standard UIkit setup of Processwire but I think myself and my clients would prefer they were closer visually to make it more of a seamless experience. I like the siderbar though, I can't think of a PW paradigm you could have used for that. Could you explain the difference between order notes and order comments though? Great works, thumbs up. Tell me where to send the money.
  11. Thanks Kongondo, this wasn't actually an issue with your module in the end. It was due to me trying to be clever and duplicating the ProcessPageEdit from /wire/ and making my own module based on it (in order to remove the bookmarks submenu from certain navigation items). In the end i've just disabled bookmarks site wide and it all seems to work.
  12. I am getting the following error when i add the InputFieldMediaManager to a template and edit a page of that template. `call to member funnction countr() on null` on line `$this->mediaManagerField->currentFieldCnt = $currentPage->$mediaManagerField->count();` Image: https://gyazo.com/b428b27b498789e7a5d7d91958979c3b - I've reinstalled Media Manager. - I've updated to the latest ProcessWire. (3.0.170)
  13. This module is great, my biggest problem is that you have to edit the field to set default values site wide. I'd like my clients to manage some of that themselves in the settings area i have setup. Can the Default Values of the field be inherited from another page? I guess I could write a hook to edit the field when saving a certain template but wondered if there was an easier solution.
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