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  1. @mountbatt - You can go into the module's options and run the compile manually. I've since switched to an NPM based build system; watching and compiling scss, autoprefixing and minifying it.
  2. I agree. I'd really like to be able to support ProcessWire and @ryan much more. We should have a git-backed documentation site. The Meteor Docs, as an example, are built in Hexo and managed on Github: We can then make sure it is up to date as a community instead of it resting on Ryan's shoulders.
  3. Another reason we need to expand the ProcessWire store @ryan . All these modules spread across different sites - this one is even priced the same way as the official modules.
  4. Where can I find a link to the latest version of the logo & ident? =D
  5. I think the way you were doing it before made sense - using a Page Field Selector. Setup in the page-tree a section called "Components" or "Blocks", make sure that isn't being rendered anywhere, then reference those in a field in your front-end facing pages.
  6. Sounds really good. Would happily purchase. The backend being pre-done is much more interesting to me than the having a front end template.
  7. Ah man, this is awesome. It'll make it a lot easier to use Processwire as the CMS for a front-end not built on Processwire. =D
  8. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everybody in the PW Community!
  9. tpr, this is awesome stuff.
  10. I've just submitted a pull request to you Rudy, based on Robin's code, to add the ability to compile all updated sass files. You then include your style sheets as you normally would, pointing to the generated .css file. You can now either use the SassifyAll() function anywhere or head to the admin and click 'compile sass' to compile all your assets at once. This is my first input to a Processwire Module so let me know if I've done anything wrong, or if I've stepped on anybody's toes!
  11. Hi Apeisa, 

    Does Padloper still require a dev release, is it compatible with the current stable version of PW? 

    I'm not getting any responses in the forum thread so thought I'd come here. 


  12. Also - does anybody using Padloper have any reviews or thoughts regarding it?
  13. Any update on Padloper for PW3? I've got a project I'm looking forward to using it with =D
  14. I just did it on a fresh install and have the same problem. It places the NavItems not on "Pages", but on the first page item in the admin page tree. I want to add something above "Pages" (a dashboard), but keeping these navItems in under "Pages", as designed. (I love AOS otherwise, great job)