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  1. Good job! Maybe you could use bold in the links of the footer, because is not very readable. I like this style!
  2. I like the second solution, I will implement it later. Thank you!
  3. Since I haven't received answers, I add the code directly in the module (I know is bad but I need to finish) Line 264: $inputfield->attr('class','form-control'); It would be great if this option was in the configuration as well as the current option for the Send button
  4. Is there any way to assign a css class directly to the input element? I'm trying to build the form with the bootstrap classes
  5. This look good!!! --> https://github.com/APIs-guru/graphql-voyager
  6. I think it would be great to start the marketplace precisely by doing it with Processwire as a module, then that module is also on offer as a platform demonstration. Maybe?
  7. Pixrael

    jQuery help

    This should be the simple way, and you can modify anything else inside your card while Show class is on Codepen
  8. http://fontawesome.io/icons/ have this using the Argolia search engine.. maybe we can have something similar using this https://jets.js.org/ .. is very easy to use with html/data tags and really fast
  9. A super easy way and not complicated to be extended by the client (even for only one product) is using something like this https://modules.processwire.com/modules/textbox-list/ with an implementation like this https://help.shopify.com/manual/using-themes/themes-by-shopify/supply#product-tips-tips-specific later use the API to filter the pages, this works easy with localization too
  10. and maybe: https://github.com/meltingice/CamanJS or https://github.com/girliemac/filterous-2 too
  11. Wow! Just for curiosity, how many hours/years did take you to be in that moment? ..To calculate if I can finish my own "engine" before retiring jjj because I'm right now in the middle of my first "advance" stuff for social media tasks .. Congratulations
  12. It might be interesting to have a module with general functions for the many common problems that we find here every day. Something similar to what Ryan did with the uikit file. I know that just could be a simple file for include like _func.php, but I like much more the module format because it's more easy to include it directly from the repository, easy locate the last version (updated, enhanced and fixed) As a plus maybe you can configure which features to include before you download it..
  13. Thanks Robin! Works!.. for the moment I modified the source code of my installed module :-(
  14. try this: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/fieldtype-yaml/ or this: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/textformatter-multi-value/
  15. Just installed in PW 3.0.61 .. when add new field type YAML and save I get the following error: Session: Warning (showIf): dependency field 'contentType' is not present in this form. (ProcessFieldEdit) ??
  16. I already use a configuration similar to you, where the modern favicon, social tags, json schemas, prefetch, etc. is under each own partial, and in _main.php I include the partials common for all pages, and the templates files put the rest, but instead of region() function I use the new <region> tags because allow me to use all the autocomplete features of my IDE. ..inside the partials sometimes I need to do adjustments before echo and the related queries are made there. A question: partial() is a function from your arsenal to include files eh? My question to @LostKobrakai is because in some post before, he talk about using a call to a function to render the same partials in the head, something similar to the renderNav() function from the PW starter profiles..
  17. louisstephens the prepend file option is ok, thanks. @lostkobrakai - thanks for clarifying that. Another question for you: what is best (in your opinion of course) for stuff like twitter cards, facebook cards, prefetch tags, etc.. use an include file with the logic + markup, or use a function that do the logic and return the same markup?
  18. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/10350-passing-variables-using-wirerenderfile/ there are some answers to this questions, but I don't understand why native php include() can receive the variables
  19. Hi, in my _main.php when I use the native PHP include() function, I can get in the include file, the vars declared in _init.php, but if I use the PW functions $files->include(), $files->render() or wireRenderFile() I don't have access to this vars. It's normal? I need to pass all this vars explicitly to the PW function? An example vars in _ini.php is $styles = $config->urls->templates.'styles'; ..I use the PW namespace in all my files..
  20. OK, that's all.. the famous namespace.. I try that before (because it's a common problem here in the forum) but I receive this error "Compile Error: Namespace declaration statement has to be the very first statement or after any declare call in the script" perhaps I let some whitespace before the <?php ... so for my record: the namespace statement should be declared in every every every php file that I use in my project? Thanks Zeka!!
  21. Yes, if I call the function from _main.php ( <?php renderNavTree(); ?> or <?php echo renderNavTree(); ?> ) all work as expected, but when call the same function from an external file that is included in _main.php I get that error.. even TracyDebugger don't see this error... let me clarify the context: _func.php <-- the function is declared here _init.php <-- here load the _func.php _main.php <-- call the function from here = ok ..here is include _header.inc.php includes _header.inc.php <-- call the function = error All the content from _header is include in main correctly when I don't call the function, so all seems to be fine until I use any function from _func.php file I tried to include _func.php directly inside _header.php but don't work... but for me this no make sense because the functions was already loaded from _init.php in the PW workflow
  22. Hi, I'm getting a Call to undefined function error when I try to call a function (eg. like the sample renderNavTree) that is in the _func.php file from a file (header.inc.php) included in _main.php. I already check the namespace, and that all the files are including correctly. All is OK If I make the call from _main.php, but it doesn't work if I do it from the file that is included. What foolish mistake am I do??
  23. I always have those same conflicts when I do a project in which the main language is another and English is secondary. Otherwise it works perfectly. It seems to be a conceptual issue that has not yet been resolved for a while. I think it would be useful during the installation of PW to be able to indicate the default language for the Front-End, to get "www.domain.com/" in that language. The Back-End language could be set or change in the admin as needed.
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