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  1. As a hint... Masonry calculates the height for the div#portfolio wrong with height:40px;(inspect it in Chrome) and that's probably because the height of the images are not given or not known at the time of rendering. IIRC there is a workaround somewhere in the masonry docs to counteract that. The moment masonry rearranges the elements it calculates and refreshes all the dimensions, and all looks fine. Edit: http://masonry.desandro.com/layout.html#imagesloaded
  2. I just updated an installation on a remote server from 3.0.18 to 3.0.29 and the repeater now works fast as hell! Whatever changed since 3.0.18... it fixed it at least for me. 40 entries, each with 2 textfields and 1 URL field took 7-8 seconds(3.0.18) and now only 1s
  3. There are no copies of the editor. /wire/modules/ is the core of CKE and /site/modules/ is the place for stuff specific to your site, like custom Javascript, CSS and plugins. See config TAB of your fields. The folder called ckeditor-4.5.3 is the core of CKE with all its own functionalities. I wouldn't touch it or you will have a problem when upgrading PW. Files like InputfieldCKEditor.module are the integration of the editor into PW .
  4. I work on Windows too and my paths all show with backslashes: Compile Error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'xxx.php' (include_path='.;d:\projekte\test\') (line 40 of D:\Projekte\processwire.kopfleere\www\site\templates\_head.php) But I don't know about xampp... anyway... Failed opening says that either the file doesn't exist or the path is wrong or invalid maybe due to a htaccess directive?
  5. Welcome to the forum! Just put this in your _main.php where the footer is: $footer = $pages->get("1036"); And you have all the fields of your footer page. (you can omit the id= in your selector) Then output your fields like that: echo $footer->yourfieldname; It's just one way of doing it.
  6. Your set lifespan for the cachefiles has nothing to do with the expire dates of the report. In ProCache settings on the TAB GZIP-More there is a link to a sample part of the htaccess addition: Place the contents of this file... Copy the content and place it at the beginning of your htaccess. That's it.
  7. How about that: $date = strftime("%d. %B %G", strtotime($page->date)). "-FR/DEFAULT"; Solved the month problem for me.
  8. I just recreated the setup in DEV 3.0.5. Same fields(3 input type text) in a repeater, 40 entries = 120 fields With the standard options for repeater fields: Repeater item visibility in editor New items open, existing items collapsed (recommended for most cases) Repeater dynamic loading (AJAX) in editor Existing and new items (recommended, especially for repeaters that might have LOTS of items) PW 3.0.5 opens and saves the page 30% faster. Which is in my case 7-8 seconds instead of 12 seconds. I think, that's okay. BTW... the new repeaters are great! Making entries hidden is a great feature!
  9. Ajaxloaded repeaters sound interesting! And you are right. If possible, pages are the way to go. Nevertheless I was eager to know why I didn't work for me. So I tested it on an old PW 2.6.1 install and it worked fine and fast. Approx. 3 seconds to save. Then I upgraded to PW 2.7.0 and the same page took 12 seconds to save! 40 repeaters each with 3 simple text fields of text like names. Strange.
  10. The 3 fields were all input type text and like: John Smith for a name ant the second field like : D, E. Third field was supposed to hold the emailaddress but was almost empty for all the entries. I couldn't find a solution to the problem so I got rid of the repeater field and created the content with pages. Which is PWs strength anyway. But thanks.
  11. For a school project I want to list all teachers on a page with their names, subjects and email addresses. I created 3 inputs, put them in a repeaterfield and created approx. 50 entries with teachers.(but only 5 email addresses) Frontend is rocketlike fast but in the backend the page takes more than 10 seconds to load AND save. I know, repeaterfields are not meant to hold large amount of content, but 50 entries? Not that much. The page in Admin -> Repeaters says under: Process "0" Is that correct? Or is that behavior normal for a repeater field? PW 2.7.0 Repeater 1.0.2
  12. Thanks for the hint to the IntlDateFormatter class. ...and I know about the Aachener Klenkes, but my nickname is derived from my last name, since I don't know when... decades(oh god I'm old)
  13. I just wanted to add to this archive of the "german month name battle" Just like other people editing the config.php and adding the setlocale changed nothing for me. The only solution in my case was the approach of this post with the addition of adding the setlocale to the PHP part of my template. Without it month names still had wrong coded umlauts. The relevant part of my template now looks like that: <?php setlocale (LC_ALL, 'de_DE.UTF-8'); ... foreach($allenews as $news) { echo "<p class=\"news-datum\">".strftime("%d. %B %Y", strtotime($news->newsdatum))."</p>"; ... } I battled this for some time now and mostly did workaround it by not outputting a month name at all. But now I had to...
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