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  1. Seems to me that you need something like a PHP var: $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] instead of: $config->httpHost;
  2. The Pseudo German is adorable I think I have to learn to talk like that
  3. Since website.com/cycle/ would be a toplevel category why not show some kind of summary of the latest entries? This is what PW is great in! $newentries = $pages->find("parent=$page->children, sort=-created");
  4. Have you tried to change the settings for the CKE Field? There is a section called: Beautify Markup Toggles. Are there any settings checked?
  5. Perhaps I misunderstood but what if you put it outside of the foreach loop so it gets output only once? <?php echo $page->parent->title;?> <?php foreach($pages->find("parent=recommendations") as $child) { ?> <?php echo $child->title;?> <img src="<?php echo $child->Image->first()->size(200,0)->url;?>"> <?php } ?>
  6. The slightly longer version... where (200,200) means an image width 200px in width and height, croped from the center. (200,0) would result in an image 200px in width and whatever results in the height A good starting point would be the doc to the fieldtype images
  7. One way of doing it would be: foreach($pages->find("parent=recommendations") as $child){ echo $child->title; } but there are many more ways to accomplish that goal. Best starting point would be to read the docs of selectors
  8. I usually do it this way: if(count($match->pic)){// if pic is the fieldname and more than one image is allowed $resized = $match->pic->first->size(100,0);// if the image has to be smaller than original echo "<img src='$resized->url' width='100' alt=' '>"; } if pic has more than one image allowed in max filers setting
  9. Ahhh... new module name: ImportingMadeEasy! Absolutely great! I tested with field pairing and it works without any flaws. And no rush with the "Configurable Pages" issue, or even if it is no doable. The way BCE now works is absolutely great and I can plan to migrate a few websites to PW. Many thanks and have a great christmas holiday.
  10. just asking... could it be that it is not yet supported to import multiple images(separated with a delimiter) to an image field? I went through the module code(not that I understand a lot of it but getting better) and couldn't find any reference to importing multiple images.
  11. How about disable it in the settings for the field? Uncheck PWimage or remove it from the toolbar?
  12. Since it remembers which tree is open it's exactly two clicks. Open tree and click on siblingpage. Or do you mean a siblingsview on the same tab as your fields?
  13. @creativejayUntil the new admintheme Reno I thought the same thing but with the modal-flyout-tree it's just as easy.
  14. While importing one image per field works fine I seem to be unable to import multiple images to an image field. The image field has no special setting and importing just one image works. I have tried with different separators(#, ##, \r, |) but to no avail. Strange, because this week I imported multiple values to an option field with no problems. Did I miss something? BCE 1.4.9 on PW 2.8.35 3.0.39
  15. After test importing hundreds of pages in the last days I think BCE is a real time saver! Good job Adrian! I still struggle with one feature though... since I have a lot of ProField Textareas to import to I have to use field pairings which works great, even with images, but the only location to configure field pairings are the parent pages. This means I have to add each and every parent page to "Configurable Pages" in BCE settings. I can work with that but wouldn't make it more sense to make it template related? Since the template defines the fields to use then field pairings would be unique to a template? I think I read something about this before in this thread but cannot find it anymore...
  16. That's strange... I had the same problem with the version 1.4.1(?) but now my version is 1.4.7 and I paste my CSV and it works perfectly. I save my CSV with \r\n at the lines end.
  17. Klenkes


    Of course Presto based I am a Presto worshipper since the early days and cannot let it go. I didn't know there is another one like me...
  18. Klenkes


    No TurboMode is active and all caching is disabled in the settings. With an open Dragonfly window it works fine but not without it. The strange thing is that It's only an issue with PW, not any other CMS. I looked at the response headers for a looong time but couldn't find anything. And on my local development environment there are no expires directives in the htaccess. It's a mystery to me.
  19. Klenkes


    I noticed the same thing. Template changes show instantly but CSS changes can take a few hits on F5 or even hard refresh. But not always... I usually work with Opera 12.18 because I love Dragonfly, Opera's DevTools, but it's not possible with PW. Changes never show, even with diskcache and memory cache completly disbaled. Sadly I had to switch to Chrome but PW is worth the switch.
  20. On PW 2.8.35 this error occurs: Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: Wire::$allLocalHooks in ... site/modules/DebugPerfmon/DebugPerfmon.module on line 126 $local_hooks = wire('config')->version >= 3 ? wire('hooks')->getAllLocalHooks() : Wire::$allLocalHooks; which most likely results from the >= 3 and doesn't respect the 2.8 branch I changed it to 2.8 which solves my current problem
  21. nav#kotm should get rid of the padding-right 62.5px and everything should be fine. BTW it's in Chrome too.
  22. Haha... that fooled me too! That's because there is no mobile menu to open. The hamburger icon is just an anchor link to the bottom of the page. That is where the menu is already shown. Confusing...
  23. A quick look at http://bielenberg-soerup.de seems pretty okay on an Ipad Mini, both landscape and portrait. http://malabu.de has some issues on portrait because the sidebar menu gets partially covered by the content, but not unusable. You can see for yourself when resizing your browser window!
  24. mhh... still doesn't work in Chrome. In fact Chrome says: $grid.imagesLoaded is not a function, and I couldn't find the imagesLoaded javascript anywhere... I once dealt with Masonry and the trick was to specify image dimensions with the img tag.
  25. As a hint... Masonry calculates the height for the div#portfolio wrong with height:40px;(inspect it in Chrome) and that's probably because the height of the images are not given or not known at the time of rendering. IIRC there is a workaround somewhere in the masonry docs to counteract that. The moment masonry rearranges the elements it calculates and refreshes all the dimensions, and all looks fine. Edit: http://masonry.desandro.com/layout.html#imagesloaded
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