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  1. Oh, you are right! Then you would go to Microsoft jail, and during shower, if you drop the soap you might find out where the PowerPoints... 😁
  2. Seems to be part of Win-10, inclusive Corbel Light. An Online converter should provide woff and eot. Or not?
  3. It's not a Processwire problem but a error in CSS. Your CSS class .owl-carousel is set to display:none; which makes the slider disappear. The culprit is in owl.min.css. Someone must have changed it...
  4. Tested 0.0.2 on 2 sites with ProcessWire < 3.0.139(no toggle) and it works like a charm!
  5. Yep! That's it! Thanks. Or you should add this to the system requirements.
  6. I am a huge Fathom fan myself and I was happy when I read that a module exists. But I hate it when I am the first to complain... After the the module install I get the following screen: I am unable to configure the module 😢 What can I do? PW 3.0.123 | PHP 7.3.18
  7. I usually hide some pages because the user has no business snooping around them. Put in ready.php: if(!$this->user->hasRole('superuser')){ /* hide pages on their ID: 1026 FormBuilder 1000 Search */ $wire->addHookAfter('Page(id=1026|1000)::listable', function($event) { $event->return = false; }); } You have ro refine the condition fo the user though... In case you have more users or have to do this dynamically you are better off with permissions or a module to do this.
  8. You could install this module: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/textformatter-video-embed/ and probably this one too for more options: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/textformatter-video-embed-options/
  9. Funny thing is if I connect first to a VPN in USA everything worked fast. Had to do it this way since monday.
  10. Oh yes, of course, you are right. It's a setting! I was so caught up in removing plugins on this template and removing buttons on toolbars on another template. Usually I wouldn't disable security features that but in this case the editors are trustworthy and it's only on 1 page. Thank you for this extraordinary module!
  11. Is it possible to overwrite the use of Purifier and ACF in a CKE field with the overwrite function of AOS? I need to disable them on one page with a known ID. Like this: $fieldoverrides['Diable ACF an Purifier for Privacy Policy'] = array( "?page" => "id=1035", "?field" => "body", "removePlugins" => "Purifier,ACF" ); Well it doesn't work, because ACF and Purifier are not plugins...
  12. These things usually go in ready.php I do all sorts of manipulation to forms from ready.php Example with link to privacy policy: $wire->addHookBefore('FormBuilderProcessor::renderReady', function($event) { $form = $event->arguments(0); $agree = $form->getChildByName('datenschutz');// get the field if(!$agree) return; $gdpr_page = wire('pages')->get(2096)->url;// URL to privacy policy $agree->appendMarkup = "<div class='ds-zusatz'><p> <strong>Ich stimme zu</strong>, dass meine Angaben aus dem Formular zur Beantwortung meiner Anfrage erhoben und verarbeitet werden.<br><strong>Hinweis:</strong> Sie können Ihre Einwilligung für die Zukunft jederzeit per E-Mail widerrufen. <br>Detaillierte Informationen zum Umgang mit Nutzerdaten finden Sie in unserer <a href='$gdpr_page'>Datenschutzerklärung</a></p></div>"; });
  13. When I look at your need, I would say a simple Repeater would do just fine. Each Repeater item is one of your categories with a description and a file field. The repeater module isn't installed by default.
  14. My desktop Chrome doesn't show it either, but my iPad Mini does... The problem lies in your CSS. Remove the height:auto from the audio element. Mhh.... the height:auto comes from uikit.min.css... however, I do a lot of audio elements on my websites and I never specify a height. Let the browser decide it!
  15. In those times when I was still smoking and rolling myself I had to vacuum my keyboard twice a day! Insane! This way the keyboard lastet 8 to 12 months. No longer. Full ashtray and tobacco crumbs all over the place, and the coffee! THE COFFEE! The diabolical mix of the three elements locked up CTRL and SHIFT first and then the TAB key. Haha... I wish I had photos of that scenery, I would have won this content! For sure!
  16. Shouldn't the manufacturer name be FILTHCO?
  17. Go to the settings of your CKE field, TAB Details at the bottom are a few options. One of them is: Replace blank alt attributes with image description Check, and done!
  18. In short: $pages->get is supposed to get 1 page only, and you can't use template as a selector. Try something like: $videos = $pages->get($page->id); This way you get the video of the current viewed page.
  19. Thank you. Works great again. Not as far as I can see. Without the Link Hover plugin installed there is no equivalent functionality to show the link URL on hover. Thanks for the bug report though. You are right. I got confused.
  20. @tpr Thanks for this great module! But I think the CKE plugin Linkhover cannot be used with PW anymore. At some point PW or the CKE module implemented the linkhover on their own, and now if you doubleclick a link in your text its title attribute is replaced with the URL. A normal click in the text and then Edit works, but not the doubleclick. Tested on PW 3.0.123 - 3.0.145 with AOS 2.0.20
  21. @Zeka Thank you very much! This is exactly what I am looking for. Short, clean and safe. Everything else I tried before didn't really work because of javascript sideeffects and all got confusing. Have a nice Sunday!
  22. This is a good idea. Since I use AOS anyway I added it to my $fieldoverrides and removed module and button based on the userrole. Thanks.
  23. Good idea! I totally forgot about the native plugin. If nothing else works I will go that way. But I was hoping that superuser and moderators still have the PWLink plugin available to correct any mistakes that the members made.
  24. I have a website mainly for members of an association. The members have very restrict permissions on page edit. On their profile page they have two fields where they may enter text and link somewhere. But I don't want them to link internally or to files, let alone mess with attributes. Is there a hook to remove those things on a template basis? (It's not the user template) I think I remember someone asking the same thing some time ago...
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