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  1. Same on iPad in landscape, but NOT in portrait orientation!
  2. When trying to modifiy a field of type Multiplier(V13) I get an error: Error: Call to a member function get() on null (line 317 of D:\Projekte\kopfleere\processwire-dev\www\wire\modules\AdminTheme\AdminThemeUikit\AdminThemeUikit.module) Line 317 states: $fieldset->collapsed = !$field->get('themeColor') && !$field->get('themeBorder') && !$field->get('themeOffset');
  3. Thanks al lot!!! This is the first howto I actually understood! The only thing I noticed is, that if I change the name of a page in the default language(now not EN anymore), all other name fields are changed to the same value as well. Strange...
  4. I think not. The error occurs for me on pages with no repeater on it. Or perhaps I misunderstood...
  5. I second that. I cannot insert a link or edit a link in CKE on templates with FieldsetPage.
  6. Rewrite Base isn't active by default in PW htaccess. # RewriteBase / While my hoster is fine with it, on some servers I have to enable it to make rewrite work.
  7. Mhh... I think I ran into this problem before and solved it somehow, but can't remember how... 'item_tpl' => '<a href="{url}">{title} <span>({numChildren})</span></a>', The {numChildren} counts hidden and unpublished item as well.
  8. Just in case someone else encounters the same problem: I had to migrate a whole website to PW and during tests I imported around 200 pages. Now I wanted to delete them and start the real import process. To get rid of the test pages I tried to delete them with adrians AdminActions, but got an error message and nothing was deleted: Error: Call to a member function path() on a non-object (line 261 of /xxx/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/Pages2Pdf/Pages2Pdf.module) I had to detach the template in question in Pages2Pdf settings. Then it worked and I was able to delete the pages. Same error with a ListerPro Action(Delete), so I asume it's a problem with Pages2Pdf... PW 3.0.62 Pages2Pdf 1.1.7
  9. Just to let you know: I did a few more tests with and without "Use ACF" and it seems to work just fine! All happened on PW 3.0.62
  10. #2 makes sense. A quick test shows no problems and it seems that the fields settings are respected. I will do further tests the next days.
  11. That explains a lot For the sites I migrate to PW option 1 would me my choice, because importing the content is the first priority and editing the content comes later. Nobody wants to sift through a few hundred pages to make it all like it was. In my case editors are skilled, trusted and would be fired if they do monkeybusiness with the HTML. ...but then again... option 2 would work as well since I already deactivated all the purifier options for the fields anyway. For now I will go with the dirty fix
  12. Me again... I imported a few hundred pages to more than 30 parents and almost everthing is fine. Then I noticed that all custom ids and classes in my imported textareas were filtered out during save, even with deactivated ACF and HTML Purifier(in textareas settings) Pasting in the same HTML in source mode afterwards leaves the custum stuff alone. So it works. I don't even know wether it's a BCE issue or with Profields textareas? This problem seems familiar but I can't remember...
  13. I thought about mediumtext but don't know what "unwanted" effect it may have on other PW functions. I went the even more simple way and import now to a single import page, and then move the imported pages with your great AdminActions to their destination parents. This way I don't have to configure all parent pages with my fieldpairings. BTW... thank you very much for AdminActions. Without Move and Search and Replace this project wouldn't be possible.
  14. .With adrians great Admin Action module
  15. Just ran into a funny problem. Well... not really funny, but it took me way too long to figure it out. (Sometimes I wonder how get through the day...) I am developing the migration of 10+ similar sites from another CMS to PW. All the websites have lots of fields and data, and BCE is the only way to map the data to textareas subfileds. All tests worked great so far until now! Suddenly I was unable to input my fieldpairings. ProcessWire: ProcessPageEdit: SQLSTATE[22001]: String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column 'data' at row 1 As I said it took me way too long to realize the "Data too long for column data" During my testing the database field 'data' got filled up with all the settings for all the parent pages, and since it is of type text, I guess 64kb is the limit. I had to uninstall and reinstall BCE to start over with an empty data field. I guess there is no real solution to this but I wanted to add it here in case somebody faces the same dilemma.
  16. I think the problem is that in the moment of adding the new page the ID ist not known yet. So, the logical steps would be: add the page and then rename it. The issue has been discussed before.
  17. Holy __insert-term-of-choice__ This works absolutely great! I replaced stuff on hundreds of pages with textareas of type text and teatareas with CKE and didn't encouter one error! Without BCE and the replace admin action this whole untertaking of migrating to PW wouldn't work at all! I can't thank you enough.
  18. Thanks, but no need to work witout pay on a sunday...
  19. @adrian just asking... I am in the process of migrating 10+ websites to processwire and exporting and importing content works great so far, but in some fields old Smarty calls are present and I want to search and replace it with new Hannacode. Unfortunately most of the affected content is in Profields Textareas and the admin action SearchAndReplace doesn't work there. All content is deleted... Should it work in textareas or do you know of any quick fix or snippet? (BTW too many pages to it by hand)
  20. Haha, that was quick Works like a charm! Thanks!
  21. Is HannaDropdown supposed to work on ProFields Textareas too? Because I can't get it to show on multiple textareas with CKE, but perfectly on a single CKE textarea. PW 3.0.42 and ProFields Textareas 0.0.6
  22. I don't want to live without ProFields anymore! If your fields have all the same requirements then ProFields Textareas is your friend. The name a bit misleading, because it covers more than just Textareas. Also oneline inputs and more(Email, Datetime...). Imagine 10 or more input type text with different sizes, titles and notes, all grouped together but just a single database field! My clients love it! And so do I. RepeaterMatrix is a work of art in itself. Those two fields alone are worth every Penny/Cent/CurrencyOfChoice!
  23. I did exactly the same test with exactly the same results as Soma, and I squeezed PW 2.8.35 in between, which resulted in values riight in between around 200ms with Chrome Dev Tools. I even took a small website of a friend(PW 2.7.2) and copied it to 2 locations and updated one to 2.8.35 and the third to 3.0.42 At first the 3.0.42 was faster! About 30%. But after a lot of reloads to check the load times it got slower and slower and ended up last place. This is weird...
  24. I absolutely agree! I tested a testsite of mine with PHP 5.4(and 5.6) and noted the times for a few different pages with Tracy. Times like 750ms to 1.2 sec. Then I switched to PHP 7 and generating times went down like crazy. Well... about 30-40% down. 500ms instead of 750ms and 400ms instead of 680ms
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