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  1. I disagree, Horst. It seems, that the most participants in this thread are convinced, that the installer (and that's what I like to talk about) has the best functionality, which is possible. In my humble opinion an installer should protect the superuser from warning after the installation. I think the usability of an installation process around language issues is ideal, when during the installation process the user has to decide about that. Example: We recognize, that your computer is located in Germany. 1 Do you like to use the language [German] (menu to choose another) for the GUI of the backend? [OK] 2 Do you like to use the language settings of PHP for [German] (menu to choose another)? [OK] * 3 Do you like to use the language [German] (menu to choose another) in your first website? [OK] That's all I suggest. That behaviour is good practice in many software I installed in the past. I hope you regard my arguments not at all as an "ungratefulness" from a newbie. The contrary is true. Because I appreciate the project a lot, I think is worth to be honest and give a constructive criticism. *Of course the questions 2 and 3 could be written in that language which has been choosed in question 1. But of course only than, when the project has enough resources for translation work.
  2. I send that to the admin of my webserver. He disagreed and told me: Translation from me: What do you think? Is there may be a bug in PW?
  3. @szabesz Thanks for your feedback. But I'm the wrong person for adding a request at github. My English is to poor. And my knowledge about the task is near zero. Thanks to all who all helped me in this thread. Good night!
  4. @mr-fan In my posting before I wrote, that I appreciate it, when a system tells you, when there's a problem and what you should do to solve it. So I fully agree with you in that. Do you think the message https://www.dropbox.com/s/7tanf2elkn7lvxg/Screenshot 2018-02-28 10.29.44.png?dl=0 informs the user in the best way, which is possible? Thanks for your nice offer, to send you a PN in german. I hope it will not be neccessary, but who knows @pwired I have no experience with CMS at all. So I do not have to adapt from habbits of another CMS. But probably I have to adapt my wish to get code as clean and consise as handwritten html. I have no idea of how far it is possible to get really consise code with PW. I will explore that. Thanks for the helpful list of links and questions. It's bookmarked.
  5. @zoeck From a usability point of view I don't agree. An installation should be as automatical as possible. When decisions are necessary, it should be asked. If an installation needs a manually configuration, because there's no other technical solution or there was no one who implemented that, the user should get a message, which explains exactly, what he could and should do. When I understood it correctly, than there are two options: 1 Change the server configuration 2 Edit _init.php Please take that as a polite suggestion. It is not easy to make sure, that something is meant as a suggestion and not at all as an expectation or criticism in a foreign language.
  6. Thanks, Horst. That helps me. I will ask my "hoster" (a friend) to set the setting on his server.
  7. @horst Thanks for the hints. I have both magazines at home. But these are short articles about the character and origin of PW and not tutorials. I have to accept it: there is not one single tutorial/manual/book in german out there.
  8. @jmartsch Yes, I understand English but I need about 4 times as long as for a german text. That's why I hoped there is a book in german like there are for wordpress. Bad luck for me. You insert the complete code of 36 lines you posted at the end of _init.php, right? Thanks for the video tutorial. I will try it, but as I mentioned in the first post, I prefer written tutorials. I still don't understand the reason, why a user has to manually enter code as a requirement. There are several languages. I thought it is enough to choose one for the page inside the backend gui or choose multiple ones for multiple language site. Well, I'm just curious for the reasons. Please do not regard that as a criticism at all. I'm a newbie
  9. @kongondo Does "it is a new requirement" mean, that every new user has always manually edit a file after the installation? Or will that be automatically be done by the installer in future versions?
  10. Please, I like to know what is the cause for the error message I mentioned: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7tanf2elkn7lvxg/Screenshot 2018-02-28 10.29.44.png?dl=0 I ask, because it is a fresh standard installation. Is the cause a problem/ a missconfiguration on the webserver (as I told you, a friend helped me with the installation) or is it a problem/bug of the installer of PW?
  11. @zoeck Thanks. A good point to start @Nüsse Thanks for the links, but that are no collections with tutorials in german. @all Klenkes wrote: "On most of the websites I maintain I had to put this in init.php: setlocale(LC_ALL, "de_DE"); " Is there really not risk to put that anywhere into the init.php, are there no side effects for multiple language websites? About PHP: Of course I have to learn some PHP, when I start working more intensively with PW. I have some few experiences with PHP-Includes, or how to use simple scripts on a non cms website. Something else: I heard, that for PHP there are "methods" to get direct access to the DOM tree. Is that possible with PW? I mean, can PW distinguish between a tag and content? I would love to do some typographic manipulations with regular expressions. Than it is important, hat I can only treat "content" and never tags. Sorry for my poor English. I hope you understand, what I mean.
  12. @Klenkes Will that have any negaitive effects, when I create a site with content in multiple languages?
  13. @kongondo Thanks for your answer. Sorry, I tried to understand the text in the thread you mentioned, but I don't understand a word. I'm completely unexperienced with administration and PHP.
  14. Hello. This is my first posting here. So at this place I really like to thank all the people who created PW Thanks a lot. I respect that a lot. Thanks for all the creativity, knowledge and time you gave to that project. I'm completely new to CMS in general and to Processwire as well. A friend helped me with the installation of the latest version of PW on my webspace. Now I'm looking for a good written introduction into PW in German. My first impulse was to look for a good book at Amazon, but there is not any. Can you recommend a written introduction, tutorial, manual, ...? I prefer it written and not as video. Example of some first tasks for the default theme: How to eliminate the button "Edit" in the navigation bar the link "Login Admin" in the footer the breadcrumb bar the complete sidebar on the right the main heading in the content area the link to the next page at the bottom Thanks. My focus is a way of usage of PW, where I have a large control about the HTML and the CSS (my knowledge is good in both). There's one problem with a language modul: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7tanf2elkn7lvxg/Screenshot 2018-02-28 10.29.44.png?dl=0 I don't understand what is meant with "Please translate the “C” locale setting for each language to the proper locale in /wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupport.module" What do I have to do in that large file please?
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