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Release: LocalAudioFiles MP3-DB


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Local Audio Files - MP3-DB

The Local Audio Files DB is a combination of a Module and a SiteProfile. It is intended to import MP3-files from your filesystem into ProcessWire, read ID3-Tags and pull coverImages from it to feed the DB.
It is thought as a starting point for your own site creation. A sort of comfortable aggregated reuseable code for PW-lovers. :P

How to Install

Grab a copy of the latest ProcessWire. Replace the install, modules and templates directories with those in this profile, as shown below:

  • /site-default/install/
  • /site-default/modules/
  • /site-default/templates/

With SiteProfile-Installs normally that is all there is to do. With this Profile you also have to copy the file LocalAudioFilesImportShellScript.php (for simplicity) to your PW-rootfolder, (where the index.php reside). If you are on Windows you also should copy mp3_import_starter4win.cmd to the same location.
Now install ProcessWire as per the instructions included with it and it will install the LocalAudioFiles profile automatically.
After that you find a Quickstart Guide at the homepage of the profile:
Follow the 3 steps and you are done!
How does it work?

  • The Site has 4 sibling Tree Branches: genres - artists - albums - songs.
  • Each of them hold child-pages: genre - artist - album - song.
  • The logical relations are nested parent-children ones: a genre hold artists, each artist hold albums, each album hold songs.
  • To support both, slim and fast data relations & the logical hirarchy, the module extends the ProcessWire variable $page with some additions. It uses the addHookProperty mechanism to achieve that.
  • It uses an own caching mechanism for large lists, that can be prebuild when running the importer-shellscript, or it build the cache on demand.
  • Also it comes with a FrontEndHandler class that provides a lot of functionality, for example fully customizable FormSelectFields of all genres, artists or albums.
  • More detailed informations and code examples are collected in a demo section of the site.

The extended $page variable together with the LocalAudioFiles-FrontEndHandler gives you comprehensive tools to work with your music collection.

I have uploaded a small LiveDemo with only 7 truncated songs. But it's pretty fine to view all Demos and the additional $page->proterties. :)

Graphical overview
Screencast of installation
History of origins

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A little change in the importer script has to be done:

- added a line that prevents the Shellwindow from closing when the wrong username/password was provided.

With the fix now it stays open and the user get the info.

LocalAudioFilesImportShellScript.zip  (is included in the above Version 1.0.5 now)

Edited by horst
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Are the mentioned Examples & Demo hosted live someplace? They don't seem to be linked to anything.

Looks awesome!

?? uhhm, - you first have to run the ShellImporterScript, then the Examples & Demos have some 'food' to work :-) (They don't within an empty DB)


No sorry, there is no LiveDemo.

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Thanks Ryan.

It was really massive learning to write this together. In fact I have (re)written it three to four times. :P

Every time I want it to do something from what I don't know the PW-way, I have done it old-schooled first. Then a few days later, I've found informations here in Forum or in the docu that show me how to do it better. And I have rewritten it. Much work, much fun, me.better PW.coder now. ( but also much.much.much.more to learn )

The only downside with that project is that I now don't like my (before LocalAudioFiles) new created (but still not finished) portfolio site any more. :mellow:

I have trashed it and started new from scratch.

With it there are new things like sessions, redirects, cookies and, ...

yes, again: much.learning! :-)

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  • 6 years later...
34 minutes ago, AndréPortuga said:

Its not working on my machine. Whenever I refresh the modules page it shows me a error.

Hhm, this is a very old one, from 2013. Which version of PW do you use?


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I haven't tried out this module, but often with old modules (pre PW v.3) all you need is to add the PW namespace at the first line of the module.

i.e. https://github.com/horst-n/LocalAudioFiles/blob/master/site-default/modules/LocalAudioFiles/LocalAudioFiles.module

just replace first line with
<?php namespace ProcessWire;

then refresh modules and try again. If that doesn't work, you should post the error messages you see.

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