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favorite programming music

Martijn Geerts

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Okay, About time I put the lyrics down - you have to appreciate that I ad-libbed the entire thing at the time, playing the piano at the same time.

Now are you wired?

Soma's got the code, gonna make it right

He's gonna program all damn night

Diogo's got php on his mind

Got stuck in a loop,

he's in a bit of a bind

Pete keeps panicking!

His forum just broke

He hopes all the others

Just think its a joke

They're all at Processwire

They're living the Processwire Dream

I've got it wired


Ryan is watching

He knows that its true

ProcessWire can kill the blues

Its so real, it feels good!

Processwire underneath the hood...

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Not sure about "favourite" programming music, but I did think of a few that are possibly appropriate;

Tears of a Clown

Puppet on a string (think about it...)

All the burning bridges still I held my head up high

Suicide is Painless

Brand New Toy (Tom Paxton)

After Midnight (The late great JJ Cale)

All by Myself

I cant get no (Satisfaction)

Wont be fooled again

Pigs on the Wing

Is there anybody in there?

The entire "Tommy" album

And just about anything by Leonard Cohen

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@Joss: Leonard Cohen for sure. I mentioned him on the first page of this discussion. Only problem is, his poetry makes me stop working.

Lately, these are good:

Andrew Bird (the album "Thrills")

Keren Ann (especially the song "Strange Weather")

Sun Ra (the album "Space is the Place")

Not really programming music, but have you had a chance to hear/watch Johnny Cash's "The Hurt"?




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I had to go get some coffee after seeing that photo. Just got this thing yesterday called an Aeropress. The guy that invented the Aerobee (frisbee) apparently locked himself away on a multi-year caffeine binge and came up with this clever device that supposedly makes the best coffee in the world. The coffee beans were just roasted from a place a block away from here, tasty.



I'm drinking a coffee made with the Aeropress for the first time right now, I must say it's really tasty :)

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I'm really looking forward to that new Afghan Whigs record. Although, Rick McCollum (guitar) isn't on the record, so I have a feeling that Dulli wrote all the songs and it will sound like a Twilight Singers album. Nothing wrong with that, but it won't be the same without Rick.

TEPPO!!!!! *Shakes fist at the sky*

I finally managed to get that song out of my head, and what do you do? 



New (American) Krautrock.

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I don't know if there are any blocks for listeners / viewers outside of germany, hopefully not:

  Tim Isford Orchestra with John Grant (Haldern Pop 2011) :: http://http-ras.wdr.de/tv/rockpalast/live/2011/haldern11_tim_isfort_orchestra.mp4

  Get Well Soon (Crossroads 2013) :: http://http-ras.wdr.de/CMS2010/mdb/15/150912/rockpalastgetwellsoon_1484112.mp4

  Haldern Pop 2010 (Review) :: http://http-ras.wdr.de/tv/rockpalast/live/2010/haldern10_feine_kleine_dorfmusik.mp4

  Calexico (20. Rocknacht 2006) :: http://http-ras.wdr.de/tv/rockpalast/live/2006/20_rocknacht_calexico.flv

  Brian Auger Trinity feat. Savannah Grace (Crossroads 2011) :: http://http-ras.wdr.de/tv/rockpalast/live/2011/crossroads11_02_brian_auger_trinity_web_l.mp4

  Willy DeVille (2008) :: http://http-ras.wdr.de/tv/rockpalast/live/2008/willy_deville.flv

  Frank Turner (Reeperbahn Festival 2010) :: http://http-ras.wdr.de/tv/rockpalast/live/2010/reeperbahn_festival10_frank_turner.mp4

  Miller Anderson Band (Crossroads 2010) :: http://http-ras.wdr.de/tv/rockpalast/live/2010/crossroads10_01_miller_anderson_band.mp4

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