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  1. Hi, after long time Czech Language Pack is online again. Project was transfered to github and we have new maintainer Pavel Tajduš. Module page is updated and work on PW 3 support already started. Thank you Pavel.
  2. I had busy times in Linux world, but i started with 2.5 localization before few days as i am making new PW project. So YES there will be support for Czech 2.5 version.
  3. Hi, this error message looks to me like old mysql on server. Can you tell us which versions of PHP and mysql are on server?
  4. Radek


    Custom elements is great idea and i can see big potencial in it. Some of their example ui elements are nice and useful so this can be good timesaver with any other framework. I can imagine some hudge library of public custom elements ....
  5. Radek


    I found this video showcase of polymer project (http://www.polymer-project.org) and it looks quite interesting.
  6. I like GNU/Linux or unix like systems so much that using it 14 years and about 8 years as main desktop system everywhere. My wife, childrens, mom, friends, ... using it too without problems. Nothing is perfect so donwside is lack of some aplications which may be solved with virtual machine (seamless mode...) and some hardware support (which is better every day). I figured before long time that i dont need any windows aplications for my daily computer use! There are plenty ready to use Linux distributions, but i am always ended with some rolling release distribution (Gentoo, Arch, ..) with my own builded "holy grail desktop enviroment" from scratch. This is my desktop history on few screenshots. Last time i installed Manjaro Linux to three new Linux users and they like it more than Windows before.
  7. Under input tab. Set USE ACF to No. Other settings which you have probably right. CKEditor Toolbar JustifyLeft, JustifyCenter, JustifyRight, JustifyBlock Extra Plugins pwimage,pwlink,sourcedialog,justify
  8. Czech Language Pack for ProcessWire 2.4 is finished. Current version: 1.0 (99 files) + README.txt Changelog: Some minor fixes. Added last missing string All supported strings are translated. ProcessWire made hudge improvement to localization support since version 2.3. There are still some places without PW localization support (users, roles, permissions, ...) and one minor bug. I am considering this version as stable for production use. pw24_czech.zip
  9. Second (looks like last) release candidate of stable Czech Language Pack for ProcessWire 2.4 is finished. Czech Language Pack Current version: 1.0rc2 (99 files) + README.txt Changelog: Some minor fixes. Added few missing strings Czech Language Pack for external modules. Current version: 0.6 (28 files) + README.txt Added: ProcessBatcher /site/modules/ProcessBatcher/ProcessBatcher.moduleTextformatterHannaCode /site/modules/TextformatterHannaCode/ProcessHannaCode.module /site/modules/TextformatterHannaCode/TextformatterHannaCode.module Updated: ProcessPageDelete ModulesManager InputfieldCKEditor ShoppingCart FormBuilder Contains: FieldtypeCropImage InputfieldCKEditor ProcessBatcher ShoppingCart TextformatterVideoEmbed FormBuilder ModulesManager ProcessPageDelete TextformatterHannaCode pw_czech_1rc2.zip pw_czech_modules_06.zip
  10. Hi, wayne i made little test here and it works for me so this must be some enviroment problem same as manfred62 mentioned before. Can you try czech language pack i tested it on several systems without problems and i am curious if it is affected on your system too.
  11. Have you uncomented line in httpd.conf? LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so On some systems may be changed .htaccess name thrue.acl. I dont think this is it, but you can check. In most cases this is about enabling AllowOverride All or editing RewriteBase. Looks like i am out of ideas now (maybe some typo in configs).
  12. Last example was accessible thrue http://myweb.local for http://www.myweb.local you can add ServerAlias. <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot "/Library/WebServer/Documents/myweb" ServerName myweb.local ServerAlias www.myweb.local......
  13. I dont use Mac, but you can make VirtualHosts in apache and dont need to RewriteBase. Simple uncomment line Include /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf And make new configuration for your VirtualHost in /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot "/Library/WebServer/Documents"</VirtualHost><VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot "/Library/WebServer/Documents/myweb" ServerName myweb.local ErrorLog "/private/var/log/apache2/myweb.local-error_log" CustomLog "/private/var/log/apache2/myweb.local-access_log" common <Directory "/Library/WebServer/Documents/myweb"> AllowOverride All Order allow,deny Allow from all </Directory></VirtualHost> Dont forgot restart apache and add to /etc/hosts myweb.local
  14. MediaElement.js looks great, i will test it on project with some video files.
  15. Or if you dont need support for old browsers you can try something like this: This one have redirection after play. HTML <audio id="audio" hidden> <source src="./sound/sound.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> </audio> <div id="menu"> <li> <a href="http://www.google.com">Click to play...</a> </li> </div> jQuery var target; function checkAudio() { if($("#audio")[0].paused) { window.location.href = target; } else { setTimeout(checkAudio, 1000); } } $('#menu li a').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); target = $(this).attr('href'); console.log("Let's play"); var sound = $("#audio"); sound.get(0).play(); setTimeout(checkAudio, 1000); });
  16. I think this depends on your needs. If you want use some button and hide it with css/js or if you dont need playlist (example) or other controls maybe is better use some simplest plugin like Ion.Sound (not tested) .
  17. Hi, its possible. I made file field as mp3 storage with player this way. It is used here.
  18. Nice, localization working fine and button is hidden in trash. I am using this small module on all projects, so thank you for your good work!
  19. Hi Nico, can you make translatable more strings like: Moved page to trash You don't have access to delete that page This module requires ProcessWire 2.1 or newer.. And maybe dont read "delete" translation from /wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageEdit/ProcessPageEdit.module as i want be able to translate it separately. One more vote for fixing delete behaviour in trash with pernament page delete or hiding delete button. Thanks
  20. Hi, here is it http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3768-processwire-231-dev-branch/?p=53469
  21. I am glad to announce first release candidate of stable Czech Language Pack for ProcessWire 2.4. Czech Language Pack Current version: 1.0rc1 (99 files) + README.txt Changelog: Added: wire/templates-admin/default.php wire/templates-admin/debug.inc Deleted: wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemedefault--debug-inc.json wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemedefault--functions-php.json wire--modules--admintheme--adminthemedefault--default-php.json Updated: Many strings and cleaning.Czech Language Pack for external modules. Current version: 0.5 (25 files) + README.txt Added: ShoppingCart (initial translation) site/modules/ShoppingCart/PaymentInvoice.module site/modules/ShoppingCart/PaymentSimpleExample.module site/modules/ShoppingCart/ShippingFixedCost.module site/modules/ShoppingCart/ShoppingCart.module site/modules/ShoppingCart/ShoppingCheckout.module site/modules/ShoppingCart/ShoppingOrdersManagement.module site/modules/ShoppingCart/ShoppingStepsMarkup.module Updated: ModulesManager InputfieldCKEditor Contains: FieldtypeCropImage InputfieldCKEditor TextformatterVideoEmbed FormBuilder ModulesManager ProcessPageDelete ShoppingCart pw_czech_1rc1.zip pw_czech_modules_05.zip
  22. Hi all, after some time i am back and here is new version of this language packs. Version 1.0 is targeted for ProcessWire 2.4 so now is good time to make some release candidates and finish this ugly work . Any help will be appreciated. Czech Localization Pack. Current version: 0.9.9 (100 files) + README.txt Changelog: Updated strings and files to match latest git version (ProcessWire 2.3.13). Added: wire/core/AdminTheme.php wire/core/Pages.php wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageTabs.module wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeURL.module wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeModule.module wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault/AdminThemeDefault.module wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault/functions.php wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault/debug.inc wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault/default.php Deleted: wire--templates-admin--debug-inc.json wire--templates-admin--default-php.json Czech Localization Pack for external modules. Current version: 0.4 (18 files) + README.txt Added: ModulesManager site/modules/ModulesManager/ModulesManagerNotification.module site/modules/ModulesManager/ModulesManager.module ProcessPageDelete site/modules/ProcessPageDelete/ProcessPageDelete.moduleDeleted: templates-admin (is part of core modules now) site--templates-admin--default-php.json site--templates-admin--shortcuts-inc.json Updated: FormBuilder InputfieldCKEditor Contains: FieldtypeCropImage InputfieldCKEditor TextformatterVideoEmbed FormBuilder ModulesManager ProcessPageDelete pw_czech_099.zip pw_czech_modules_04.zip
  23. Čankišou band uses own non existing language. So i can not understand too. Antti Martikainen is quite neutral, i tested it and feels like i play some old strategic game thanks This is real czech language.
  24. This will need more work. Load audiojs: <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $config->urls->templates; ?>scripts/audiojs/audio.min.js"></script> Create js for controling player <script> $(function() { //Setup the player to autoplay the next track var a = audiojs.createAll({ trackEnded: function() { var next = $('ol li.playing').next(); if (!next.length) next = $('ol li').first(); next.addClass('playing').siblings().removeClass('playing'); audio.load($('a', next).attr('data-src')); audio.play(); } }); //Load in the first track var audio = a[0]; first = $('ol a').attr('data-src'); $('ol li').first().addClass('playing'); audio.load(first); //Load in a track on click $('ol li').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); $(this).addClass('playing').siblings().removeClass('playing'); audio.load($('a', this).attr('data-src')); audio.play(); }); //Keyboard shortcuts $(document).keydown(function(e) { var unicode = e.charCode ? e.charCode : e.keyCode; //right arrow if (unicode == 39) { var next = $('li.playing').next(); if (!next.length) next = $('ol li').first(); next.click(); //back arrow } else if (unicode == 37) { var prev = $('li.playing').prev(); if (!prev.length) prev = $('ol li').last(); prev.click(); //spacebar } else if (unicode == 32) { audio.playPause(); } }) }); </script> In your template you can do something like this. if (count($page->audio) > 0 ){ $outAudio = "<audio preload></audio>"; $outAudio .= "<ol class='playlist'>"; foreach ($page->audio as $song) { if ($song->description != "") { $songName = $song->description; } else { $songName = $song->name; } $outAudio .= '<li><a href="#" data-src="'.$song->url.'">'.$songName.'</a></li>'; } $outAudio .= "</ol>"; } echo $outAudio;
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