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  1. I haven't checked yet, but maybe the T in "Tag" gets replaced by the translated tense variable, like it's done in "T Q P". EDIT: I think it's the following line: $out = str_replace(array('Q', 'P', 'T'), array(" $quantity", " $period", " $tense"), $format); str_replace replaces Q, P and T one after the other. In the second round P gets replaced by the content of $period ("Tag"), that "T" also gets replaced by the content of $tense in the last round. A solution may be to use prefixes, that wouldn't appear in a translation, like "%Q". EDIT 2: Btw ryan, you already pushed that change to github with your last update to ProcessModule. I think this wasn't intended.
  2. wayne


    In theory there shouldn't be such a big problem with fonts on the latest Chrome for Windows, if DirectWrite is enabled. It's not an experimental feature anymore. Under the URL "chrome://flags/" DirectWrite should be activated. Maybe there are still some quirks, but for me it looks quite similar or even identical to IE and FF.
  3. I'm starting this topic for a problem I see with the German translations of relative times. But other languages may be affected as well. You can see the problem when the Lister module shows a column with a past date. In English it says "3 years ago" and in German it's translated to "3 Jahre vor". But it really should be "vor 3 Jahren". The phrase is constructed with the single translations of "years" and "ago" in the same order as it is in English. So the problem is about grammar and word order in the German translation. Maybe it could be solved by a list of translatable phrases with placeholders, so that it looks like "%d years ago" or in German "vor %d Jahren". That is just a quick thought and it probably should be discussed here before it is posted as an issue on github.
  4. It's really great to see a new theme released for the newest processwire version. I've only found one little style bug so far. Go under Setup > Languages > Your Language and edit a file. There is a description text under the title "Language Translator" that is written white on gray.
  5. It's really great, that you keep it up to date with the dev version. I have also found another file that needs translation for the new Lister module: /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldSelector/InputfieldSelector.module This seems to contain the phrases for the filter dropdowns.
  6. I would also recommend to reset the password. And here is an additional explanation: Depending on the host's PHP version processwire uses the strongest available blowfish algorithm. So all passwords become "invalid" if the password algorithm changes. For example if your remote PHP version is above 5.3.7 and your local version is below that, processwire generates different password hashes. There could be other conditions for differing password hashes, but basically it's that.
  7. Are you sure, that the PHP version on the new host is 5.3? The filter_var function should be a regular feature since PHP 5.2. Maybe there are different PHP versions configured for different domains/folders? (like you can do with .htaccess on some hosts)
  8. That's definitely a clean and modern webdesign. A set of photos from a professional photoshooting can really boost every webdesign. I wish I could convince more of my clients to invest in one. There's one small thing I would criticize. It's the small space (or contrast) between the main content and the right address column. On some pages with a lot of text it kind of disturbs my reading flow (as my eyes are wandering to the similar looking text in the right column). I'm not a professional webdesigner, so that's an absolute personal opinion. All in all the photos, minimal design elements and the content work great together.
  9. wayne

    Client of the Day

    I'm not sure. From what he told me I can only imagine that he had some kind of blackout. Somehow his actions led him to the delete tab and he thought that he should confirm the deletion of the picture there. I can't comprehend that but you know there is always a special kind of users out there, like those managing to format their harddrives and being clueless afterwards (=> wth just happened).
  10. wayne

    Client of the Day

    My client of the day had a little problem with handling Processwire. He just wanted to delete a picture on a page but he ended up on deleting the whole page and it's sub pages. All glory to the trash and the ability to restore pages. Not so long and I will have to install teppo's version control module solely as precaution for "accidentally" deleted content.
  11. Sorry it was my fault. I use AdBlock to block social network resources like twitter widgets. At first it's working with your site but I guess when it tries to load new tweets something gets blocked and the bottom of the site collapses.
  12. This looks great and I like the easy-to-follow overview on the first/root page. But if you stay about 10s on that page the bottom part somehow collapses and overlaps.
  13. Thanks, but it's not enough to set only the language code "de". You have to set the whole path: /wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryUI/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-de.js I fell into the same trap.
  14. There is a quite important untranslated "field" for InputfieldDatetime. It's basically a path to the language file for the jquery datepicker plugin. /wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryUI/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-de.js Could you add that to the language pack?
  15. I'm not using Git respectively Github for code development (yet). But I created an issue: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/424
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