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Found 2 results

  1. kongondo

    World Cup 2014

    OK, ladies & gents. If you are interested in or have been 'forced' to watch football (that's soccer for y'all across the pond)....here's a thread where we can all discuss all matters World Cup 2014 in one place. Predictions, Best, Worst moments, Favourites, Anecdotes...bring it on please!
  2. For our client Continental - a german based (but international selling) tire manufacturer we were asked to develop a campaign featuring their sponsorhip for the "FIFA World Cup 2014". We came up with the idea to connect a positive and fun "soccer like offline experience" with Continental as a brand and social media elements plus user generated content as a multiplicator. To encourage people sharing their experiences with others there also are pretty nice prices to be won (tickets to the World Cup in Rio including flight and accommodation). In a glance we've developed everything related to this campaign: Idea, concept, logo, text, artwork, videos, content- and seeding strategy, a lot of print-materials, apps [...]. There even is a "real" stadium which can be either obtained at one of over 6000 partner stores in Germany or they may be downloaded and handcrafted by the players themselves. The campaign has ads in some of the biggest german print magazines (i.e. Stern Magazine). The Campaigns Microsite www.paper-shot.de features: it's own blog with some external authors a retailer locator for finding participating partners (yup, that's >6k partner-pages in pw ) each having a custom set of assets which are shown to people coming from their banners or entering their partner-code custom user registration video/image uploads with a preceding approval process (the videos are first processed by a seperate media-server to serve the right formats to all devices, then reviewed and published by a team of editors afterwards) user-voting twitter & facebook integration for voting and login (not live atm due to some server problems with oauth & our reverse proxy) an unified api that makes it possible to use all of the microsites features in our apps for iOS and Android (for those interested: they are built with PhoneGap/Cordova upon the great ionicframework using HTML5 & angularjs). This was by far the biggest PW-Project we've done yet and we (again) were always happy we've chosen processwire because we definitely needed something flexible for realizing all of this features in quite a small timeframe (about 2.5 months "production" time for the microsite + the apps). Modules used: FieldtypeCropImage - for obvious reasons FieldtypeMapMarker - for generating and fetching the lat/lng for all retailers and storing the adresses ImportPagesCSV - for importing the retailers as pages InputfieldCKEditor - because it's better (and better looking) than TinyMCE ModulesManager - PageEditPerRole - for managing external authors access ProcessBatcher - bulk actions for retailers (saved us HOURS of work!) SchedulePages - show/hide blogposts by date TemplateDataProviders - MVC structure for our templates TemplateNotes - help pages for external editors TemplateTwigReplace - MVC structure & "better" templating TextformatterHannaCode - custom tags for including external services like storify in blogposts TextformatterVideoEmbed - for blog articles VersionControlForTextFields - for "security" and backup reasons + some we've written for the project (they aren't very interesting ones to release to the public)
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