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  1. thank you!!...didn't see that. I think I need more coffee
  2. Hello guys, hope you all have a great day. so I want to translate my templates element based on selected languages i.e "read more" button, "follow me" button, etc. in wordpress we can do something like this <?php _e( 'Some text to translate and display.', 'textdomain' ); ?> and then translate it via .mo files, how to achieve similar to this using PW or is there better way doing this?
  3. make it weekly wirecast or monthly if you busy
  4. oppsss, I did a search before posting this thread and can't find simillar thread. sorry. @teppo we need to put that on PW main page LOL. Sorry for any typo posting from mobile.
  5. Hi all a quick question for you (except for Ryan LOL). I know processwire from cmscritic.com
  6. their IT guy just called me, said there was a server reset or something couple days ago. It was server thingy
  7. Hello. one of my client site was build with pw 2.3, everything run smoothly until 3 days ago its throwing error (missing templates table). I Checked mysql and the sessions table also missing, any clue what is causing this?
  8. Will it run smoothly on older/slower machine? I have an old white macbook with archlinux installed (I use it when bored/tired working on my desktop).
  9. "megamacho" sound cool.
  10. @t I tried ink, and the layout break on gmail and entourage (mac) if remember it correctly, switching back to nested table and inline style, the pain is inevitable .
  11. ups, I missed that tiny button, thanks adrian. the editor is me
  12. Hi Everyone, a quick and stupid question: how do I insert image description in images field when I set the default view to "grid" ?
  13. @kixe I'm trying to use your version with Ace Editor but can't get it to work, do I need to uninstall the original module first?
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