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favorite programming music

Martijn Geerts

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I usually do post rock:

Sigur Ros
Under Byen
Album Leaf
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, etc.

Sometimes some shoegaze

My Bloody Valentine (duh)
Fleeting Joys
Blonde Redhead, etc.

Often game soundtrack bits:

Amos Roddy (Two Kingdoms franchise) - this gets LOTS of play - just super calm and thoughtful ambient.
Disasterpeace (Fez, Hyper Light Drifter)
Bioshock scores and the Black Mesa score
Love the Limbo soundtrack - its just too short. He's got some tracks in a few other games but they just aren't as interesting IMO.

Lots of Fripp and GC stuff, some Eno also.
Sometimes the prog side but usually that's too engaging to code.

Dunno, all over the place in general.

Lately I've been on an old Tame Impala and old Phantogram kick.

My playlist is all over the place. Sometimes classical - Holst, Bartok, etc.

I think the only rule is I have to be familiar with it. I can't just throw a new Tool album on or something and think I'm going to be able to concentrate.

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So... since there was lot's of feedback to 90s music... maybe you all want (and probably should!!!) to look up:


So much and many awesome mixes and remixes.... for 90s, 2000s, and many more.
András Jámbor has so many awesome mixes I couldn't even list here.
I just love it... there is no need for me to create my very personal playlist of any kind as this already exists.

Please follow András Jámbor and his channel. It's such a good and pleasant place to listen to awesome music.

Follow him! No shout out needed.

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I have to say that in general, having PlexPass and using their sonic analysis has been the biggest boon to my background programming music setup - the sonic adventure and automated DJ features are phenomenal. When all that matters is consistency of tone and mood, the sonic analysis that the Plex server does on my collection makes it so I don't even have to think about what I want to listen to next - the mood just flows regardless of who it picks. The cool thing is it often pulls a bunch of b-sides or obscure artists songs that I never would think of linking together in a playlist, but the songs mesh like magic.

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Yes that's the feature. If you have a large music collection it could take some time to process all of it, and the sonic adventure features do not work until the scanning process is not active - but once you have turned it on it adds material as you go.

For around 1200 albums it took my media machine about 4 days to process.

I haven't used the ChatGPT connected feature Sonic Sage, but i've heard some folks like it.

Track Radio is also a great understated feature. 

I don't use spotify and I haven't tried connecting Youtube Music. I do know Tidal is not supported - I think it needs to access your files because it doesn't phone home - it literally uses whatever audio files are on your plex server, meaning really obscure stuff you have will get included in the analysis and mixes that may not be available through normal channels.

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