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favorite programming music

Martijn Geerts

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I usually do post rock:

Sigur Ros
Under Byen
Album Leaf
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, etc.

Sometimes some shoegaze

My Bloody Valentine (duh)
Fleeting Joys
Blonde Redhead, etc.

Often game soundtrack bits:

Amos Roddy (Two Kingdoms franchise) - this gets LOTS of play - just super calm and thoughtful ambient.
Disasterpeace (Fez, Hyper Light Drifter)
Bioshock scores and the Black Mesa score
Love the Limbo soundtrack - its just too short. He's got some tracks in a few other games but they just aren't as interesting IMO.

Lots of Fripp and GC stuff, some Eno also.
Sometimes the prog side but usually that's too engaging to code.

Dunno, all over the place in general.

Lately I've been on an old Tame Impala and old Phantogram kick.

My playlist is all over the place. Sometimes classical - Holst, Bartok, etc.

I think the only rule is I have to be familiar with it. I can't just throw a new Tool album on or something and think I'm going to be able to concentrate.

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