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how to Forgotton Password with email instead of username (loginRegister Module)

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Hy everyone,
i am using loginRegister module for front-end user login.
In this module user can login with Email/username, i am showing with Email. done
but not showing Email in Forgotton Password section. there still showing with username.

i want to show Forgotton Password with Email instead username. and should reset with email.

please help me in this section, how i can set it with Email.

Thanks AbdulQayyum.

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@wbmnfktr Thanks for replay,
i can not see this type of scenario in my dashboard please check this screenshot.


Please suggest me how i can able to bring this scenario, and can enable it.
Thanks AbdulQayyum.

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Go to the Core Modules.


Look for the Forgot Password module and click the settings button.


And you are there.

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@abdulqayyum has version 1.0.1, while the latest seems to be 1.0.3, maybe that feature was added in-between those versions? What version of PW are you running?

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You are correct @dragan. Well then I guess that feature came somewhere around the time Ryan provided us with the Login/Register/Profile module.

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You probably can.

But first of all you should create a backup of your site. A working and tested backup!

Then you should find out which version of ProcessWire you are running right now and make sure that all of your modules will work with a newer ProcessWire version. You might have to update your modules as well and maybe even have to take a closer look at your PHP version.

You seem to be pretty new to ProcessWire so my advice is:

Get a full backup of that site. Install it in a local environment. Try updating ProcessWire, the modules and whatever is needed.

I wouldn't recommend to update right way as your installed ProcessWire seems pretty old - maybe even kind of outdated.


Can you tell us which version of ProcessWire you are using and what PHP version your hosting has?
Is there anything special with that site? Multilanguage? Custom modules? Custom 3rd-party scripts? Something like that?

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It should work but as said before:

Get a working backup first! Thinking about a way more modern PHP version wouldn't be a bad idea as well. AND doublecheck all your installed modules.

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