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[Easy] How to build site architecture for "ratings"?

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Hi. I'm working on building my first processwire site, and I want to make sure I'm getting it right. I'd appreciate any feedback. 

I have a `vendor.php` template/model that will contain companies.

I need to give users the ability to rate (1-5) that vendor. So I think I need to build a `vendor_rating.php` model/template  with fields `rating` (int), `user` (ref), `vendor` (ref), and perhaps a textarea for `review`.  Then, in the vendor template I will call and cache the average vendor rating for display. I don't actually want to display the individual ratings anywhere, so I guess I still need to figure out how to do an ajax call from the front end. 


Here's the thing. This structure is almost identical to "comments" with only one extra field for the `rating`. So should I just extend that in some way? Or stick to my current path and make a new model/template?



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Welcome to the forums!

I'd suggest you take a look at this (pro) module by Ryan: 

It may save you a lot of time and possible headaches :)


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Thank you for that suggestion. However the headache is part of learning the platform, so I'm accepting it. 

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5 hours ago, skoskie said:

This structure is almost identical to "comments" with only one extra field for the `rating`.

Welcome to the forums @skoskie 🙂

The Comments fieldtype already includes a star rating option: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-2.6.21-upgrades-comments-more-on-pw-3.x/#new-star-ratings-for-comments-fields

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here is Rating module what I developed for project but at the end didn't use it (p.s.). and if you want you can use/test it.
It use Ajax POST on front-end and cookie to prevent multiple votes . Inside module global settings you have option to set desired max number of stars for votes (up to 10). For usage and instructions please read README.md file (and do not skip step 5.).

Here are some screenshots

Field in admin backend:


Front-end (echo $page->my_rating_field)


Clean cookie (for testing)



This is not polished module version, and only what is "complex" is how to include javascript files, but there are instructions how to do that, and if that is a problem I will do some changes or feel free to contact me for free support/assistance.


I developed this module for project (2018.) where one task was and comments component, and that's was ok but my problem was that I first developed this module, and after that installed Ryan Comments module. I didn't know that Comments module has rating part 🙂 !@#$%...".



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