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Weissenrieder Architekten BDA


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This is a minimalistic website for the german architecture office Weissenrieder Architekten BDA. The front-end uses UIkit 2 and Isotope for the projects overview. Every project category can be accessed in the overview with an URL segment. ProFields Table was used for the project detail view.


Modules used:

  • AdminThemeUIkit
  • Table
  • ProCache
  • Markup Sitemap XML
  • Email Obfuscation (EMO)
  • Jumplinks
  • Tracy Debugger

Regards, Andreas

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20 minutes ago, AndZyk said:

Thank you. I switched the parallax effect now to animate the background-position instead of position top. Hopefully it is smoother now. ;)

In Chrome, built-in smooth scroll disabled it's still very laggy. You may consider using SmoothScroll.js or similar alternatives. But if you ask me, do not use parallax :)

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I don't quite understand what you mean, because smooth scrolling of of a browser has nothing to do with this effect and its lag, but I don't want to start an discussion about parallax effects again. If you want to talk off topic you can write me an PM. ;)

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