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Architekturforum Freiburg


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The Architekturforum Freiburg sees itself as a regional platform for information and exchange about architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and building culture. On the website you can register for events, view presentations or become a member.

The website uses UIkit as framework and Workbox for the PWA.




  • Dynamic primary color
  • Structured data


Dynamic primary color


The events are grouped in programs and every program can have its own color. For this I used the awesome module Color. I defined a fixed color palette, so that no ugly colors could be selected and I worked for the first time with CSS variables. With CSS variables you are more flexible than with f.e. SCSS variables and can change the primary color for the whole website on the fly. This is used on the detail page of events with a different primary color.


Structured data

It was important for me to provide the correct structured data for the events. Since the pandemic they have been enhanced for online, offline and mixed events.


Modules used:

  • Repeater Matrix
  • Form Builder
  • Functional Fields
  • Map Marker
  • ProCache
  • Upgrades
  • TOTP two-factor authentication
  • Tracy Debugger
  • Color
  • Sitemap
  • Email Obfuscation (EMO)


Regards, Andreas

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