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Apollo 11 Guidance Source Code on Github

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I stumbled across this on Github ... just breathtaking .... piece of history right there.

A good place to brush up on your Assembly Language :)



By the way, Margaret Hamilton who worked on the module is considered a programming genius.

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The best thing with it are all the pull-requests happening for this piece of code, which won't probably be run anymore.

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    • By BFD Calendar
      I'm still wrestling with the upgrade troubles on OVH.com hosting. I manually upgraded to PW 3.0.98 and Upgrade module 0.0.7. Checking upgrades gives me an "Error loading GitHub branches - https://api.github.com/repos/processwire/processwire/branches - HTTP error(s): 2: fsockopen(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:1407742E:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert protocol version, 2: fsockopen(): Failed to enable crypto, 2: fsockopen(): unable to connect to ssl://api.github.com:443 (Unknown error) - Check that HTTP requests are not blocked by your server.".
      Upgrading or installing other modules doesn't work either. I know it probably has to do with some provider setting on OVH.com, but I've tried several things mentioned in the ProcessWireUpgrade support forum, all to no avail. Server is configured to use PHP 7.0. If anyone here is also on OVH.com and knows a solution I'd be most happy to hear about it.
    • By justb3a
      ProcessWire module to connect a Github OAuth application.
      Register a new OAuth application
      Fill in module settings
      Click the Authorize! link to generate code and access token
      There are some predefined endpoints to fetch informations about an user or a repository, get a list of repositories belonging to an organization, fetch content of readme or certain file..
      I used it to choose a repository from a list and import the content (e.g. readme, description) to the corresponding fields.

      Visit the Github Repository to get a full overview.
    • By ceberlin
      Hi, after looking at the 300 open "issues" on Github, it turns out that a lot of them, including some of mine, are labeled "enhancement" / "feature request".
      To get the increasing number of issues down there (which might give a wrong impression on how well maintained PW is), and to do sort of a cleanup I was planning to set all of my "issues" which are labeled "enhancement"/"feature request" as closed.
      I am assuming that the idea was either good enough and had been recognized for an enhancement consideration and thus stored in a to-do list somewhere else, or the the idea was not good enough and did not survive.
      In either case, an "issue" like this,does not need to be open forever, imho. Is closing it the best way to deal with it - or should we leave the step to Ryan (or anyone maintaining this)?
      (Also there are many "fixed" / "completed" issues that could be closed eventually.)
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      I have the idea to manage the PW templates within a github repo and using a kind of post-commit hook to copy/push changes directly into the site/templates-folder on my own server. That way I'd only need to pull/push in github - no need to synch the files manually...
      I've read the post-receive hook guide on github. I think it's not that easy because the pw templates folder of course is not accessible via a URL like www.mydomain.com/site/templates ;-)
      Does anyone have a glue how I can automatically synch my templates files from github to the pw template folder??
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      I store each of my PW projects in separate repos. When it comes to updating the version of PW used for a project, I'm sure there has to be an easy way to merge the master or dev branch of the PW repo into am update branch of the current project's repo. I already added the PW repo as remote source. But as I'm far from being a git pro, I haven't found the right way to do an update appropriately without getting everything messed up. It would be great if one or two of you guys would sketch their approach to updating a PW installation using git and github in a few words.
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