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Select field inside a profields Table

Sonia Margollé

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I have a problem and I don't understand. I have a profield table with different fields and a select field.
I did like it's instructed and put "value=label".

But when I'm trying to output the select field with var_dump (to debug),  it's indicated that the field is a string that contains the value.
Why is it a string ?  when I try  myselectfield->value  or label or title I have an error saying I'm trying to get a property on a non-object ...

Anyone ? 

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I'd need to look into this a little more to figure out how to get the label if you have defined a manual value, but if you don't define a value, then it automatically returns the label:


Would this work for you, or do you need to specify a value for each option?

Got to sleep here, but this shows that you could parse this yourself by grabbing the field's colnoptions setting. Not exactly elegant, but it'll work..


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I figured this out, after running into this issue myself and digging into the FieldtypeTable class...definitely not intuitive though.  Ideally a title or label property or method would just be exposed here.

$field = $fields->get('table_field'); // Field
$columnName = 'column'; // Column name in table
$optionValue = 'my_option'; // Option value
$optionTitle = $field->type->getSelectColumnOptions($field, $columnName)[$optionValue]; // Returns array of value => label
echo $optionTitle;


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