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  1. @bernhard yeah I'm gonna use it for my next PW project. But I was interested in the vite setup for my other projects, like when I'm doing just basic html integration with no CMS, but I still want to use sass, have my css preprocessed, using js module ect. I don't want a BIG setup, doesn't use tailwind, just the basics for building my assets and browser-sync
  2. Hey @dotnetic, I would be really interested !! at least by an exemple of your configuration to use vite with PW.
  3. I don't understand, it says on the doc that all variables defined in _init.php should be available in the latte files. But I always get "undefined variable" ... it's the same result if the latte file is called with render or renderLayout I don't know what I missed 😕
  4. @kongondo THANKS ! I spent so much time, I don't know how I didn't see this. !!
  5. Help. My shop was working fine on local, I pushed it to my OVH environment and I have big error with the paypal module. Both local and OVH are in php 7.4 with bcmath in it and with the latest version of Padloper. ( PHP Version 7.4.25 on the ovh ) When I'm in the admin, if I try to access the stripe payment provider settings, everything works fine. If I try to open the paypal payment provider page I have this error : require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/soniamar/www/work/APC-NEW/site/modules/Padloper/includes/render/../payment/PadloperPaymentPayPal/PadloperPaymentPayPal.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php7.4/lib/php') I checked and both the stripe folder and paypal folder seems to have the same rights. Same for the files. And that is the correct path. I don't understand why it's working for Stripe and not for Paypal T_T If I try if_file() with the path directly written I get "true". If I try it with __DIR__ . "/../payment/{$name}/{$name}.php" I get false. But the path is the same !! I logged the path, it's exactly the same path. If it's the stripe folder I have no problems at all.
  6. @kongondo Thanks ! Maybe saving the name of the shipping method and the delay (the between xx and xx days), or just an id that can help retrieving those infos. On the same topic, I hooked the getOrderCustomerSummary function to display the shipping address on the order page and not just the email and country. I made a biig kind of triple shop completely from scratch spanning a looots of years (you don't want to look at the code, I don't want to look at the code XD), but one thing I learned is : save everything and add description fields everywheeeere to add explanations for the clients for about anything in the shop. ?
  7. Sorry, me again. ^^" I just realised that the chosen shipping method is not visible in the backoffice in the order page. How can I add it ? The owner of the shop need to know how he need to send the products ? I would like to add some info on the confirmations pages (success for example) for the customer bases on the choice in shipping method, like display the shop address if they had decided to come retrieve the order at the shop. in order-complete.php, if I bd $order, I can only see the shipping fee, and no info on the shipping method
  8. I thought it was a good plan, but that doesn't work, when I click on 'Add new property' I have that error message "{"error":true,"message":"Field 'padloper_product_properties_repeater1757' is not applicable to this page"}" Instead, I can add an ordinary text input field to store the weight to the product variant template, that work ! and it will be cleaner ( so I don't have the color property ) Thanks a lot !
  9. I think I have a partial idea ! I still don't know the best and cleaner way to add the input field inside the form on the product page, but ... 1. Maybe I can hook the __addproduct function to alter the cart sql table to add like a "custom" field. And I modify the insert sql to populate the custom field 2. I add to the order template a tablefield field with columns like "product name", "custom field name", "value" 3. I hook the __ordersaved function to populate the tablefield field with the values of the "custom" field int the cart sql data. Still need to think of how to recuperate the value of the "custom" field. I need to create a function for that. ?
  10. I have products, posters, with variants, different supports (frame, not frame ect) and different format 30x30cm, 70x70cm ect ... Obviously the weight of the final product will be different if there is a frame or not, if it's big or small ect. There is a template for product variants so I can add the padloper properties field to it. I found a function "getOrderWeight" in "Padloper\includes\helper\PadloperUtilities.php", but it's not hookable right ? how can I modify it ?
  11. Thanks, Sorry I realise I wasn't clear at all, the product sold is cards for photoshoots. Like couple photoshoot, maternity photoshoot ect .. The photographers wants them to be customizable in case they are purchased as a gift. By client here I assume you mean the shop owner/admin? -> Here the client is the actual client. It's like the product was a t-shirt that can be customize with a name stiched on it. And you need to add a field to ask for that name. I think the best would probably be by using a custom field, I "just" need to find what hooks to use to have it save in the cart and the order
  12. Hi, In the shop I'm working on, for one type of product (gift card) I need to be able to ask the client to write the name of the recepient of the gift card. For another maybe ask If the user has some additional remarks... How can I do that ? by creating a property with no value and hooking somewhere to store the value of my input as the property value ? Is the property with dimensions ect is implemented yet ? I can't find an exemple with it even in the demo site. Thanks !
  13. In the current state of Padloper, is there some email notifications implemented already ? like order confirmation for the client, and/or the admin ? If not is there a place in the doc about it ? A customer in padloper is considered a user in PW with a specific role ? Pages for the customer to update his infos or see his orders and everything exist already ? is there api related functions ?
  14. Hum, I working on a website, and as soon as I put the website on my server for testing (OVH, not a dedicated server) I have an error saying I don't have the permissions to open the js file ... ? ? "You don't have permission to access ... /js_ee2fc073cb5c1c887f4d8e31963c7461_dev.js on this server."
  15. Is it possible to use this field on a custom user template ? I'm trying but if I just put "return $page->id" in the field I have an error "Undefined variable: page" ... If I try with a external file, I have $page but It's the "users" parent page and not the user I'm editing
  16. But in the api documentation of the field it's indicating that we can access the value and the label/title https://processwire.com/api/modules/select-options-fieldtype/ I guess it's not applicable for the select field of profields table
  17. I have a problem and I don't understand. I have a profield table with different fields and a select field. I did like it's instructed and put "value=label". But when I'm trying to output the select field with var_dump (to debug), it's indicated that the field is a string that contains the value. Why is it a string ? when I try myselectfield->value or label or title I have an error saying I'm trying to get a property on a non-object ... Anyone ?
  18. Thanks, I will check that ! I try to put some log in the module and I was able to have a more detailed error message, I think "554 5.7.1 <---->: Recipient address rejected: You have exceeded the limit of 400 messages per hour and per IP address. Please, re-try later." What I don't understand is how that can be, never 400 messages are send via the website, and not 20 per hour to. Oo If I wait like 30 seconds, it's ok again. And the emails are good, the clients can send emails directly without problems. Knowing it's a shared hosting, is it possible that other peoples on the server are blocking everyone ?
  19. I use OVH The site is on for more than a year now, I had a lot of "Error in hnsmtp::send : cannot connect to smtp-server!" even if I never change module configuration and if I check it's ok. And now the recipients ... All the emails that I send using the module it's only to 1 recipients and sometimes another on in copy.
  20. Hello, I have a big problem that I totally don't understand and it's becoming really really problematic because it's on a online shop. The module was working before, with some "cannot connect to smtp-server!" but not so much. But since some weeks, there is "Error in hnsmtp::send : it were not specified any valid recipients" a lot, like really a lot. I use it like this : $mail->sendSingle(true)->to($dest)->bcc($dest_admin); $dest and $dest_admin are email. The emails are corrects. I tried multiples times but without changing anything and with the same emails, I can have 1 time the error et 9 time everything works fine... I would really like some help
  21. Yes, but I don't understand because, without changing anything, most of the time it work perfectly and sometimes, I have this error. With the same recipient ! I use it like this : $mail->sendSingle(true)->to($dest)->bcc($dest_admin); $dest and $dest_admin are email. The emails are corrects. If there's something wrong then why, with the same to and bcc, it can work and 10 second later, not ?
  22. Hello, I have a big problem that I totally don't understand and it's becoming really really problematic because it's on a online shop. The module was working before, with some "cannot connect to smtp-server!" but not so much. But since some weeks, there is "Error in hnsmtp::send : it were not specified any valid recipients" a lot, like really a lot. But if I test the configuration of the module, that says everything's ok. I would really like some help
  23. I just started my first website with Padloper and paypal payment module and I have some issues with the Paypal module, I'm on it since yesterday and I'm totally lost... Everything is fine, I confirm the payment, paypal say that the payment has been completed, but when I'm redirected on Padloper , I'm redirected to the failure page but whithout any failure message. If I check my test paypal account the payment has been completed, so no errors. More strange, if I test my website in local, everything is fine ! but online, in the processPayment function of the paypal module, the request return ... false. And only "false". $http = new WireHttp(); $response = $http->post($this->endpoint . 'cgi-bin/webscr', $postParams); var_dump($response); Why no error code or some indications ? the payment has been made, and in local I have a response, with SUCCESS. I'm using OVH, do I need to buy a SSL certificate for communicating with paypal ? If someone can help me, I will be forever grateful !
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