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  1. @FireWire Thank you for the page-edit-fix, this was one of the most important things to make this module usable in real! From our point of view, a separate translation permission would make perfect sense, because not everyone, who can edit a page, should do translations. Mainly because the service is subject to a charge, one should be sensitive when giving the translation service permission. Best regards, Thomas.
  2. Currently, it seems that only superuser can use the translation service. Is it possible to enable translations by permission and role?
  3. Thank you for the clarification! In fact, the translations service works as expected, and the hint text is only a cosmetic issue. We have unfortunately discovered another problem with CKEditor fields in inline mode, where the translation is not transfered into the target field. Knowing this, we may use the regular mode for CKEditor. Maybe, it's very tricky to implement the translation service here, because the inline editor is loaded dynamically on demand. Best regards, Thomas.
  4. We were on the verge of developing such a module ourselves, but you have beaten us to it ... Thank you very much for this great work! Unfortunately we have a problem with the integration of the translation service into text fields, because our default language is set to german, as also set in Fluency module settings. But in text fields, we can only translate englisch texts from english, instead from german. Have we done something wrong? Thank you in advance, Thomas.
  5. How does one enable executables to be uploaded to the File field? Just adding the file extension to the accepted extensions does not seem to work. screenshot attached (ignore the label 'video')
  6. @Mike Rockett Hi Mike, Google should index those pages, but only in one language. To achieve this, we simply leave out all language related metatags, this is no problem. Corresponding to this, the sitemap should also be monolingual, even if all languages are activated in the backend for being edited and previewed.
  7. Hi @Mike Rockett, first of all many thanks for this useful module! I have a language related question: Would it be possible in the near future to exclude certain languages from sitemap via modules config page? We have many customers, who want to prepare other languages in the backend, so the languages have to be enabled and active, e.g. for having preview option. But the languages should not be shown in sitemap, until the translations etc. are finished. Thanks in advance, Thomas.
  8. @Robin S I knew, that there is a way to do this, because it's ProcessWire! Thank you so much for the hint!
  9. No, is happens actually in a SelectOptions field ($value) render template, that generates css classes depending on settings made by user: $css = ''; foreach ($value as $device) { switch ($device->value) { case 'mobile': $css .= ' sm-hide'; break; case 'tablet': $css .= ' md-hide'; break; case 'desktop': $css .= ' xlg-hide lg-hide'; break; } } echo $css; In case of checking the mobile option, $css contains ' sm-hide'. But in the calling template, only 'sm-hide' is delivered, without the trailing whitespace: <section class="class1 class2 class3<?=$page->render->devices?>"> is rendered as <section class="class1 class2 class3sm-hide"> Of course we could set the space directly after 'class3', but in case of no selected device option it would be unnecessary.
  10. Hello together, I have a question about field templates: When the output of a field template (using with $page->render->field) starts with a whitespace, it will be automatically trimmed off. Is it possible to suppress this behaviour, in case we need the whitespace explicitely? Thanks in advance, Thomas.
  11. Thank you @MarkE and @kongondo for your hints, I will try them out!
  12. Hi Kongondo, first of all many thanks for this useful module! My question is about the behaviour of RM fields on save. Usually, we fill the RM fields with some static html markup. After saving pages with RM fields, these fields always are anounced as "changed", but why? Is is possible to prevent this? Best regards, Thomas.
  13. Hi @teppo, thanks for the great module, we already use it with several customers. I have a question concerning the savePageIndex-Hook: It works perfectly on saving a single page, but not, when I use the "Index pages now"-function in module settings page. How could I achieve this? Best regards, Thomas.
  14. Thank you, Adrian, that's exactly what I need!
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