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  1. Thank a lot, @dragan, that's exactly I wanted to now! I was not aware of the custom field/value usage.
  2. Hello together, I'd like to find some pages by PageListerPro having a date greater than today. The value after the comparison operator can only be set by date picker. Is there any possibility to set a generic expression for today (or now) as value? This would be helpful especially for bookmarks. Thanks in advance, Thomas.
  3. Thank you, Adrian, now everything works as expected, also in fields of type TextAreas!
  4. Hi Adrian, since 0.1.4, the support of HTML tags seems to be broken in fields of combined field types, e.g. FieldsetPage or Textareas. Could you check this out, please? Thanks in advance, Thomas.
  5. Hi there, is it possible to preview a multi-language page in a deactivated language? In "Page edit > View" only the active languages for the page are displayed. Our customer wants to translate contents in a certain language before unlock it, but naturally wants to see a preview while working. Thanks in advance, Thomas.
  6. Hi kongondo, one of our customers asks, if it would be possible to write out not only the usage amount of media manager items, but also all usages as list with concrete info about field, page etc. I know, this isn't going to be easy, but maybe it's worth the effort, if other users reported the same idea? Greetings, Thomas.
  7. Hi @kongondo, For one of our customers, some pages of the MediaManager image view are not shown, because they contain some too big original images. Referring to this, in error protocol is written the well-known "Allowed memory size of .. bytes exhausted"-message, but we can't find out, what specific image is causing this. Have you any idea to identify the problematic images? Best regards, Thomas.
  8. Hi @kongondo, we've tested your new MM 012, great work! In grid view, there is a small bug in rendering thumbnails: If the calculated width is not a whole number, the style of the elements div.mm_page_thumb is written as "width: 263,5px" for example. Because browsers expect decimal numbers in CSS with a dot, they fail in case of the comma, so the width is undefined and the thumbnail is not shown (see screenshot). This error probably only occurs in german environments, where the decimal point is the comma by default. I've changed line 524 in MediaManagerRenderer.php, what fixed the problem: $wrapperWidth = str_replace(',', '.', $media->thumbWidth) . 'px'; Alternatively, rounding the thumb width will have the same effect, because the decimal part isn't really important on rendering. Greetings, Thomas.
  9. Hi @kongondo, this is very curious, indeed! So, if you never heart of this before, and it not seems to be a general problem, we will ask our customer not to use uppercased file extensions. Thank you for your clarification! Greetings, Thomas.
  10. Hi @kongondo, we've discovered a strange behaviour of Media Manager upload (v 011): If the file extension is uppercase, i.e. "JPG", then the upload fails, despite "jpg" is set as valid image extension in settings. We've tried to add "JPG" (in uppercase) to the valid image extensions, but with no luck. The solution was finally to bulk rename all the files to lowercase jpg extension on a local device. Have you ever heart of this beaviour? From my programmers view, I would assume, that the file extension check is case insensitive, but it isn't? Greetings, Thomas.
  11. Hi @kongondo, I have a proposal for a future version of MediaManager: There are other CMS, where you can preset a internal or external link for each media object. Would this be a useful feature in MediaManager, too? Greetings, Thomas.
  12. Hi there, we have the same problem as Sonja. Adrians last hint with the getLabel()-method shows the label of the select field itself, but not the label or title of the selected option. Are there some news concerning this topic?
  13. Hi Adrian, we've been using this very useful module intensively to comment fields for our customers, especially by the "allow-HTML"-option. Unfortunately, the support of HTML tags seems to be broken in version 0.1.0. Could you check this out, please?
  14. @kongondo do you have any news regarding release date of Media Manager version 012? Thanks, Alex
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