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Formbuilder Submission Email Has Blank Body Content


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Hi all,

A few of our clients are having issues receiving emails sent via form builder after a client submits a form.

They display fine in certain clients but in Outlook especially the body content is either missing or the raw code is displayed.

Does anybody have any ideas why this might be the case or any ideas about how to diagnose the issue?

Not sure if this is an issue with the emails themselves or the server from which they are being sent.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar?

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The "Form Builder Support" forum is the best place for help.

If you don't have access to it yet, you can normally ask @ryan to activate it if you have a license/licence.

@thmsnhl Edit: "...the support and upgrades period lasts for 1-year..." and " After 1-year, you can optionally renew your access to the support/upgrades board for a nominal fee..." (depending on your license level).

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