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Still very fresh, but I thought... what the hell... spread the PW love and give you guys a first look...


This was a huge project. Still lots of debugging to do, but early feedback most welcome! Don't look at the code (particularly the js)... it's a bit of a garbled mess! Ha ha! Need to, ahem, refine it over the coming weeks and months.

Haven't made the jump to PW3 yet as I'm using a few modules which don't work out of the box.

Thanks again to Ryan for everything. Also, big thanks to Antti for his wonderful PadLoper module.

Cheers and happy browsing!



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Hey, I told you not to look at the code!!! Ha ha.

Seriously though, thanks for checking it out. I haven't done the meta and title stuff yet... it's on the TO DO.

I haven't done *any* SEO stuff yet. The code needs tidied and optimised, make no mistake about it!

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