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Mandrill Upcoming Changes


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Hi Peter, Yes I am using it with Horsts WireMail SMTP module and it does work, I've converted 5 or so sites over, all AOK.

I'll grab a screenshot of the setup page and post it here in a sec...

Before I do, one thing to check in an emails header is "mailed-by: pm.mtasv.net" - if I see that then I know it's come via Postmark.

Thanks Alan

I have all those settings in place apart from from the Default SMTP port which I have set to 25.

My mail header doesn't contain any reference to postmark as pointed out by their support crew so.

Peter, do you have multiple wiremail modules installed? How do you send your emails (actual code)?

I only have WireMailSMTP 0.2.1 installed and the FormBuilder Pro module.

Am I missing a Module that WireMailSMTP plugs into or some server setting?

As I said, I do actually recieve the form submissions so that part is working. 

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I think I may be getting somewhere thanks for Soma's new ClearCacheAdmin module (thanks mate!)

Once I installed this, I loaded up the Cache Admin screen and noted there were 2 FormBuilder cache files in place.

I don't know if there should only be one but I nuked both of them.


My next test form was successfully logged in my PostMark account.  :)

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I'm still using MailerLite (the free account) from time to time. And I intend to try Sendy one day.

I've just noticed, after searching for content for email marketing campaigns, that SendinBlue's free account now enables up to 600 emails/day and unlimited contacts.

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