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  1. Probably basic, but can anyone tell me how to show a particular field if the 2nd element of a radio is selected? Thank you.
  2. Soma, I have the exact same problem as you had, and it took me quite a while to find out that only german users had that problem… Did you find a workaround? Could you share it? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Tina for this post / question. I've used the Export Profile Module before, which is easy to use. Unfortunately it didn't export the roles, users, etc. This time i simply copied the files, exported + re-imported the databases into the new server, changed some permissions and the config file and that was it. Really mirrored my development site. Although i still would prefer using a module that does all the work if possible.
  4. Hi, I have 2 page fields in a repeater field, and they both have the same pages as selection. For some reason it works fine with one page field, but is acting completely odd with two page fields. Can't change them anymore, they seem to overwrite each other or to conflict with one another. I don't have the impression that I'm doing something out of the blue here. Any idea where that could come from? Thanks.
  5. I've encountered something similar with a page field: can't access it anymore, i'm getting the following error message: Recoverable Fatal Error: Argument 1 passed to InputfieldPage::___findPagesCode() must be an instance of Page, none given (…) I wish i could simply correct the field or at least delete it, but i can't access it at all. I'm a bit reluctant to get into phpmyadmin to delete it, but I don't really want to leave a trouble field in the field list. Any way to delete a field with php?
  6. Super. Opens up a whole set of new horizons. Thank you!
  7. Hi there, Quick question: I want to have a page field that displays only the children of the page where it's used. I can't figure out how to do this (although i'm afraid it should be quite easy)… thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm currently working on an event website. Each event has 1 or more children containing among others a datetime field. (Each child is a different day in a different place) I would like to move the event page (with its children) to a folder called "past events" once they're history. Anybody have an idea of how to do this? I'm lost here. Thanks a lot.
  9. Is the future past already? This function would be great.
  10. Thank you Alan. It only solved the issue with the email address for the auto-response. As for the email to the administrator, it's still got this weird auto-generated address. And now both mails end up in the spam ;-) There aren't any html links in the email, though.
  11. Hi there, the email confirmation always land to the spam folder, and the sender address is ftp051214@www05.servertown.ch (which is the name of the server i'm using). Where can i edit the sender Email address, and will it solve the spam issue? Thanks
  12. Did a clean install this morning, solved my issue. Lost quite a lot of time and data, but the website's up and running again. Thanks for your help anyway, i appreciate.
  13. Ok, I'll look into this. Weird though, because it worked flowlessly until this morning. Thank you for your time Soma!
  14. Removing htaccess didn't help. You're right though, there is an apache error log. it repeats 5-6 times the following: [Wed Jan 15 11:20:46 2014] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/var/www/vhosts/neuland-film.ch/dev.neuland-film.ch/wire/core/ProcessWire.php' (include_path='.:') in /var/www/vhosts/neuland-film.ch/dev.neuland-film.ch/index.php on line 87, referer: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/5330-error-argument-2-passed-to-languagesupportpagenamesgetpagepath-must-be-an-instance-of-language/
  15. Well, that's the thing. I get the error message above, but no error listed in the log. I haven't installed much. I got the ProcessExportProfile, the TextformatterVideoEmbed (not in use though). Here's what i was working on when it happened: I added language support to get the field datetime in german. I didn't succeed and decided to remove the language modules. I probably de-installed the wrong module, since all of a sudden were both german AND default language gone. I don't really know what the next step was (i don't recall doing much), but anyway i couldn't access to any PW page, frontend nor backend. Yes, that's where I got the first error "2014-01-15 03:58:26 guest http://dev.neuland-f...ch/admin/login/ Recoverable Fatal Error: Argument 2 passed to LanguageSupportPageNames::getPagePath() must be an instance of Language, null given, called in /var/www/vhosts/neuland-film.ch/dev.neuland-film.ch/wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupportPageNames.module on line 324 and defined (line 183 of /var/www/vhosts/neuland-film.ch/dev.neuland-film.ch/wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupportPageNames.modul"
  16. Yes, i create a document called tool.php with the above script and i got the "internal server error". Hello World works fine. Apparently, I can't get to anything from PW anymore. Thanks.
  17. Thanks Soma for the quick reply. Unfortunately that didn't work: I got the following error: "Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Error has been logged."
  18. Hi, I'm experiencing some big problems with a site i'm developing. It's frustrating, since my client already started filling in the data. Anyways. I'm installed the language package for german and de-installed it afterwards (I wasn't sure i would need it). Now i'm blocked out of the admin pannel, can't access to any page on the frontend (i get an "Internal Server Error"). I checked the error log and found the following: 2014-01-15 03:58:26 guest http://dev.neuland-film.ch/admin/login/ Recoverable Fatal Error: Argument 2 passed to LanguageSupportPageNames::getPagePath() must be an instance of Language, null given, called in /var/www/vhosts/neuland-film.ch/dev.neuland-film.ch/wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupportPageNames.module on line 324 and defined (line 183 of /var/www/vhosts/neuland-film.ch/dev.neuland-film.ch/wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupportPageNames.modul I have no idea how to fix this… I tried re-installing the wire, didn't help. I'm afraid of losing data and some work on the templates if i have to do a fresh install. Can anyone help me out? Thanks a lot. It's this line of code that's creating the error (probably not able to load the language bit?) $event->return = $this->getPagePath($page, $language);
  19. EDIT: logged out, logged in, worked. Can't really tell what the problem was. Hi, I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but i have this problem and i don't know how to solve it. I installed the export profile module and it showed in the SETUP area, but when i clicked on it, it said something like "no such file" (or similar because i don't see it anymore and don't remember it exactly). I can't find the module in the modules page and i tried to delete the module but that didn't help. Then i went to the setup page under "Home --> Admin --> Setup" and deleted the export profile page. Now it's not showing in the SETUP area, but i can't install the module again: it doesn't show in the modules list and says "no new modules". Can anyone help me with this? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. Soma: that's an interesting thought. I don't know what the discussions are in the forum, but i can only see one small issue with this solution: it can be confusing to select a blank item of a dropdown if the user wants to go back to the "normal" state. Still I'll give it a go, since it'd be a better solution than a radio without default value. Thanks.
  21. Thanks onjegolders, Did this already. It's mainly an issue in the admin page: I would really like one of the items of the radios to be selected.
  22. Hey there, I have a page field in the form of radio buttons, where the user can select the importance of the article: Very important, important, normal. I would like to make the default value "normal", but can't think of any way of doing it. Any help? Thanks
  23. Thanks other Andrew! I hadn't seen that yet. The 'blank' install from soma is exactly what i was looking for. @MarcC: thanks for pointing it out, i didn't even noticed myself!
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