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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all! this is more of a general MYSQL Schema discussion but i noticed that PW does a pretty good job of handling flexible objects (pages) by creating a new table for each object property (field). I was wondering what other options there are out there for storing flexible but efficient objects in MYSQL. I noticed that Wordpress uses it's wp_postmeta table extensively for storing flexible schema. Also according to Facebooks engineering there's a simplified schema overview of it's TAO based system that uses MYSQL as it's underlying datastore for it's graph data. (https://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-engineering/tao-the-power-of-the-graph/10151525983993920) So as i say i was just curious really as to different setups and indexing options anyone has used to be able to handle flexible objects within MYSQL.
  2. I'm working on a site with an about-the-team page where we have a sub-page for each different area of specialty. Each one of these pages will have a list of people who are in that specialty, this list built by pulling 'person' pages that were assigned to that specialty page through a page field. With me so far? Here's the fun part. I want to add a "level" to each of the people that show up on a specialty page. So let's say I'm on the Widget Managers specialty page, and I have the 'people' page field set to pull Alice and Bob to appear listed on this page. But I want Alice to be a 'senior' widget manager and Bob to be a 'junior' widget manager. I could just put a field in the Person page type that lets me set that person's level, but wait! A person can be assigned to more than one specialty page, with different levels on each one! So Alice might be a senior widget manager and a junior doohickey wrangler. She has to show up on the widget managers page as senior, and on the doohickey wranglers page as junior. Ideally, I'd have a repeater field containing two page fields, one to select a person and one to select their level on the current specialty page, but repeaters can't contain page fields. Anyone know of a way I might approach this?
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