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  1. @adrian Thanks, will patch and test it out in a few hours… Time to do system updates now (in desperate need of Windows subsystem for Linux).
  2. Not sure if this is due to any changes in this specific version, but I’m not able to upload images (tested in a user profile). It returns with Invalid POST Data. Upon further investigation, it seems to come from this: /wire/modules/Process/ProcessProfile/ProcessProfile.module (line 213) When uploading the image, it sends a post request to /admin/profile/?InputfieldFileAjax=1, with the following headers: X-FIELDNAME:image X-FILENAME:6.png X-REQUESTED-WITH:XMLHttpRequest The user ID doesn’t appear to be set in the request, which is why the error is thrown. Interestingly, the HTTP code returned is 200… After that request, another is made to blob:http://domain.lserv/aa5ddd22-6dbf-42e0-9d12-1cee83b8fb39, which returns the image I uploaded, yet it does not exist in the files directory. (Honestly, I don’t know how AJAX uploads work behind the scenes, so this part of it could well be by design…) Is there something further I need to do, or is this a geniune bug that needs reporting?
  3. I just noticed that it’s not possible to turn off email notifications for private messages. The tooltip for the relevant toggle-switch says that an administrator has disabled it. @Pete, would you mind re-enabling it? I sign into the forums every day, and so an email notification of a private message is practically redundant.
  4. Thanks, figured as much. Will need to rework this on the front end then.
  5. The current generator uses an array for “permission”, which doesn’t seem right as the API docs state it needs to be a string… Which is correct? Also, if a permission is created via the “permissions” array, surely they would all need to be in “permission” as an array as well? This how I’m doing it in Jumplinks, anyway (hope I’m not wrong). Or perhaps “permissionMethod” should be used for multiple permissions? Some insight would be appreciated.
  6. A little while ago, I began a complete rewrite of the module that was set to add additional features (like SASS and Stylus, for example). Unfortunately, I won’t have time to work on it as fast as I’d like. But, it’s still something I’d like to do.
  7. @Pixrael I hear ya, though inline styles is not something one should implement in their own HTML, but allow the framework to handle it for you.
  8. I see the points being made here. @BitPoet, you're quite right -- didn't think about the jsonification of things. That could surely be implemented, but it brings us back to the question of purpose etc. Truthfully, doing this would be quite a mammoth task, considering all the aspects involved. @titanium Well, I think age may have been a bad choice of word... I look at the updates, and it's been seemingly quiet (except for master branch, which has activity). @szabesz Sure, understandable, though my thinking is more about what the newer frameworks are capable of, and less about their cool-kid-on-the-block status, which has never been something I think much about. Sure, it pops into the mind, "that's really cool" -- but jQuery was the same when it launched, and then sky-rocketed. I can agree with a jQuery version bump at the very least... Someday, PW's default interface and experience could well be powered by a fully fledged MV* framework, and I'm convinced that it's quite fitting, considering that it's not a simple app at all.
  9. @teppo I do have to agree - one would need to determine what what purpose it would have and, yes, how much sense it would make. In my view, I think front-end frameworks bring a lot to the table, and that they could indeed enhance the experience. Having known jQuery for a long time, I'd be inclined to make this a slow process, if it were up to me. For my own projects, I'm no longer using jQuery for a multitude of reasons, one of which is its age (and not necessarily because all the cool kids are doing it). Given that the PW admin has multiple aspects to it, and that it could well be considered an 'app' from that perspective, I think a front end framework could fit in well. Sure, there are a whole bunch of other things to consider, like modules needing jQuery, but there's nothing wrong with that, and PW could just load it in when the first module in the queue asks for it. I would really like to see the PW admin become a single page app.
  10. Absolutely -- totally possible, and that's just what I was thinking about the other day. Definitely.
  11. My belief has always been this: if there's a tool available, use it. PW would greatly benefit from a reactive / flux-based (Vuex) way of doing things. If the backend were a complete SPA, that would be absolutely magical!
  12. Interesting you bring this up -- was thinking about it the other day. Would love to see this happen, especially in Vue.
  13. This looks great Ryan! And with the new admin theme, it looks even better. ?
  14. Changing the title in the SEO tab only affects the SEO title (<meta property="og:title" content="...SEO title...">). Your page title in the browser is the one you set in the <title> tag of your HTML. If you are referring to Google showing the old one, then you will need to wait a while for it to be re-indexed. Edit: I apologise, it seems I'm incorrect. MarkupSEO will include a <title> tag for you if you fill out "Title Format" in that case, make sure you don't have your own <title> tag as well.
  15. Author of the site. I think you can exclude it as I'd imagine the module won't include the relevant tag if it hasn't been specified. You'd need to "view source" in your browser to check if everything is okay. As far as I'm concerned, only the site title is important in terms of meta data.
  16. This simply means that if you assign a template that can use the SEO fields and then you actually use them on a page and then remove the template from the list, the SEO fields will be deleted from the template and, therefore, the pages assigned to it. I believe the module's <head> markup might require it, so yes, I'd fill those out.
  17. @Robin S They make some valid arguments, though I'm used to fig. On the flip side, their readmes use spaces for indentation, even in code blocks that state that a tab should be used instead. ;-) Good video though - hadn't seen that before. Edit: Anyways, let's not hijack the thread - we could always open up a new one to discuss these things. (Sorry, Marc...)
  18. Didn't know there was some sort of universal config like that. Tried it out in Sublime, works well!
  19. I'm on Windows, so there aren't any. If there were, the zip file would not have been written to the directory anyway. The issue seems to be with deleting the temp file, which causes the rename function to return false, which is when the IOException is thrown.
  20. Oh, and just to follow up on the PHP compatibility. It's currently compatible with 5.4+. If the square array notation is changed in both files (three small occurrences in total), then it supports 5.2+.
  21. You're welcome. The GH editor is showing me spaces in some places, and so the indentation appears inconsistent. I wasn't actually aware of a style guide for PW (I've now seen it). I tend to stick to PSR1 and 2 along with the following configuration:
  22. @szabesz - I'd prefer it to be inline for quick access to the information (I also think its handy for beginners). I'll add a link to the applicable page though to learn more and see the actual license text. Licenses don't often change (if at all), and it's not all that often that new ones get added to the list. The commits to their license files are only related to URLs, examples, and small fixes. Some new licenses were added, and I can easily keep track of those. But, I won't be linking it up to their repo because some licenses are just not applicable, and so they're excluded from the list. PS, as much as this is going to be a production-product that I'll maintain, it's also a 'playground' of sorts for me to learn Vue.
  23. Okay so it appears to be a permissions issue of some sort, but that makes no sense because the webserver created the thing it needs to remove. rename() from the Symfony Filesystem class is throwing a code 5 access-denied exception, which gets caught and thrown as an IOException.
  24. Thanks. Currently, the front end displays basic information about the selected license underneath its drop-down.
  25. @marcus - Yes, I am on 1.0.2. I can try and look into it further, but not exactly sure where to start...
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