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  1. @rash, the module checks to see if any image fields are available to your installation. To be more precise, the check is specific to FieldtypeImage, which might be where the problem is coming in... I'm not sure if there are other Image modules that extend FieldtypeImage out there (and if so, if you're using one). On my side though, a fresh install of PW with the latest MarkupSitemap and an image field added in results in the config showing the applicable selector:
  2. Hi @rash -- did you add the image field in via the module's config? This is basically a way to globally add specific image fields in one swoop, and then the exclusion options are available at page-level to override.
  3. No problem, and thanks. I'm going to stick with my original solution as I need it to only be set once... This also gives a level of customisation, which I like. ?
  4. @ngrmm - if you're wanting to redirect /old-dir/* to /new/*, then you can use the following: Source: old-dir/{all} Destination: new/{all} {all} is a smart wildcard (https://rockett.pw/jumplinks/smart-wildcards) that equates to {all:all}, which matches anything and everything, until another wildcard or marker. So, /old-dir/child-a/ will be redirected to /new/child-a/. If you need the path after /new/ to be omitted, then just use new/ as the destination, and then /old-dir/child-a/ will redirect to /new/.
  5. In all honesty, I think that Jumplinks is better suited to site migrations. Black holes should either be covered by a specifically-built module, or by htaccess/vhost config...
  6. Thanks Macrura I actually see that I'm going to need to bump PHP Typography to 6.x first, which means I'll land up bumping the module version to 0.5 for a little testing. Looks like there's been a cleanup and some new features added, as well as a bunch of hyphenation languages. Will open an issue for that shortly.
  7. The original roadmap has been closed, in favour of a project board. As already mentioned, I'll be resuming work on Jumplinks in the next few weeks. (Super sorry it's taken so long...)
  8. I'd like to get some general feedback from people using the module. If you have a minute, please share your experiences or issues (even those that are self-resolved, if any). If it's looking stable enough, I'd like to bump to stable v1. If there are issues, please also feel free to let me know. Thanks!
  9. I'd like to get some general feedback from people using the module. If you have a minute, please share your experiences or issues (even those that are self-resolved, if any). If it's looking stable enough, I'd like to bump to stable v1. If there are issues, please also feel free to let me know. Thanks!
  10. I see that another request has come in for resolvable pages to redirect. I can see this adding a little bit of overhead (FastRoute or no), so if I do implement it, it'll probably need to go behind a configuration option that's turned off by default... Haven't devved in PW for a while now, but I'm sure there's a nifty way to get it working (I hook-change based on the config should be good enough). That aside, I'm looking to continue work on this in about two to three weeks. I'll need to bring it over from my old dev environment on Windows/WSL to my MacBook, which has made development a breeze.
  11. Jumplinks doesn't allow that, I'm afraid. It hooks onto the 404 event, so it will only respond to requests that don't resolve. You would need to call $session->redirect() in your template to do a redirect from an existing, published page. If you don't mind my asking, why do you need published pages that redirect to others?
  12. And my worry is that it won’t be coming out any time soon – new schedule ‘n all. Going to try look into this again some time within the next two months, which is pretty much the earliest I can do. Regarding your suggestion: why would you want to redirect away from something that exists? If you can provide a good use-case for it, I’ll be happy to consider it and add it to the good ol’ to-do.
  13. I’ve seen it once or twice before, and also recall that something else was going on. Sometimes it’s due to an apache misconfiguration with the virtual host (happened to me often on my old local development machine, before my PW days), and other times it’s module related. So I think you should explore those (disable one by one to see what happens) and make everything is “a-okay”. Failing which, someone else might need to chime in and assist.
  14. Hi Jon - not sure why that’s happening there… Is this for all the redirects? Is your site at the root of the domain? What version of PW are you running?
  15. Hi @Rudy – as /news/ resolves instead of throwing a 404, Jumplinks won’t even see it. You’d be better off using $session->redirect() in the template if the segment does not exist.
  16. Whilst you’ve got cold temps and snow, we’re in the last stretch of what’s been a week-long heatwave here in SA’s highveld. Upwards of 30°C (estimated, real-feels were up to 37°C) since Monday. Next week shall cool down considerably, apparently, and very much hopefully.
  17. Is there no easy way to change the delimiters? Having a hard time with Vue in my template where it’s conflicting inside class bindings. Turning the syntax off is obviously not a good solution... i’ve tried using getParser()->setDelimiters(left, right), but it must be too late in the lifecycle for it to be effective, because it still says the macro is unknown. Edit: Got it working… $view->latte->getParser()->syntaxes['latte'] = ["\{\@(?![\s'\"{}])", '\}'];
  18. @Guy Verville Glad to know it works smoothly for your personal site. Let me know if any issues arise, and I’ll be happy to help.
  19. @Guy Verville – It looks like the template process doesn’t give me as much flexibility that the page edit process does. As such, I think I’ll dump this the module config. Truthfully, I actually think it’ll be better this way. Edit: I’ve bumped to 0.3.3 RC2.2: You can now exlude templates via the config page. If templates are included (for sitemap options) via config, those inclusions will simply be ignored (non-destructive so that restoring access is simple). Please let me know if this works smoothly for you. Related commit: https://github.com/rockettpw/markup-sitemap/commit/4981b9b537bce556ba15d4eacac0d095fea170da
  20. @Guy Verville - Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ll look into this for you – should be easy enough to achieve.
  21. Update on Jumplinks 2: I’ve been working on a few things to move everything over to a more modern JS code-base. You can learn more about that here: https://github.com/rockettpw/jumplinks/issues/14#issuecomment-353781768 Still lots of work to do on both the front and back ends, but I’ll get there. @jannisl Sorry for the delay, somehow missed your post. Jumplinks automatically trims out index.php from requests as PW doesn’t supprt them. Not sure why it’s not working for you though. Could you turn on debug mode (in Jumplinks’ config) and let me know what happens when you navigate to index.php/something?
  22. PHP 5.6 (and even 7.0) no longer receive active support (both versions receive only security support). You should use PHP 7.1 (matured) or 7.2 (recently released). I tend to wait a little while after major releases (anything can happen), so I’m currently sticking with 7.1 – probably until around March next year (birthday time, hehe). Refer: https://secure.php.net/supported-versions.php
  23. Not sure how that’s possible, but it could be related to caching. If you provide more information about your setup and what jumplinks you have created, I might be able to assist. It’s on ice at the moment due to new work that’s come in. Time is super limited until earlyish next year, at which point I can revisit v2. Sorry for the delays, but it’s unavoidable at the moment.
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