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  1. @DarsVaeda – Thanks for bringing that up. I did indeed plan to move it some time back, but then decided to only do it for v2, which, hasn't been under active development of late. I'll try find some time to sort this out on v1 soon. Sorry for the issues caused here. 🙂 @gr00__ (sorry, not sure why it's not tagging you) – That would likely be due to PW’s htaccess rules, as the error is coming from Apache. As that's where its coming from, you'd need to create a rule that will strip out those characters. Haven't worked with htaccess for a long time now, so not confident that I can assist accurately…
  2. @panx - looks like there might be an encoding issue with the RewriteCond directive there... Not sure how it would have happened, but my best guess would be to type the directives in manually. Also, the second RewriteCond line in that state won't apply to you. You'd likely need a catch-all of sorts to match the different types. I'm not able to test this as I no longer use Apache, but this could work: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^\/index\.php [NC] RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.+)$ [NC] RewriteRule ^ /index_php/%1? [R,L] From there, you'd be able to create a jumplink for index_php/reference={reference:segment}&object={object:num}, which could then be directed to reference/{reference}/object/{object}.
  3. @adrian I'd actually assumed that hidden included unpublished (🙈). Will sort the changes out in the coming days (public holiday here today, back to work tomorrow).
  4. @adrian – I see what you're saying now; thought about it the wrong way around. With that said, surely include=hidden is enough?
  5. @mel47 – Hmm, I migrated the site to my newer dev environment, and the issue’s no longer showing up. That said, the Typography package appears to have been updated considerably, so I think it might be an idea to do an upgrade there...
  6. @mel47 – Sorry for the delayed response here. I noticed this is happening on one of my own sites. Will investigate.
  7. Module moved to GitLab: https://gitlab.com/rockettpw/tools/typographer
  8. Module has been moved to GitLab. https://gitlab.com/rockettpw/tools/parsedown-extra-plugin
  9. I've released 1.5.50, now hosted over at GitLab: https://gitlab.com/rockettpw/seo/jumplinks-one This release fixes an issue where calls to sitemap.xml from my sitemap module were being logged as 404s.
  10. @Nick Belane – I've pushed JL 1.5.50, which should resolve the logging issue. I see there was already a check for the other sitemap module, just never accounted for my own after it was released.
  11. @adrian So if I use include=hidden (I won't use all as it includes too much), I also need to exclude anything under admin, which is cool and it works, but it would mean that if a hidden parent would need to be excluded using the sitemap options. With that said, including hidden and unpublished pages will be configurable as a single config option. Root … Hidden Page (would be included by default if the option is enabled, so it would need to be turned off in options) Child 1 (included) Child 2 (included) … Would this be suitable? PS, I had hell with the File Compiler - not sure if anything there has changed of late, but my traits were just not being read properly. Any changes I made didn't take effect, even after clearing the cache. For now, I'm moving everything into the main module file except for the field builder.
  12. Hi guys, super sorry for the delay here. @adrian – Will have a look at this now. Would likely want it to be configurable as well. @Nick Belane – I recall noticing this as well. My initial thinking was to ignore it as the plan was to drop the 404 tab in Jumplinks and replace it with a dedicated module that works side-by-side with Jumplinks v2. That said, I just don't have the time. Haven't even managed to get around to finishing the new Jumplinks. So for the time being, I'm going to see what I can do to have the sitemap ignored from the logger.
  13. @panx Thanks for the report – please could you have a look in your server logs to see what the error is?
  14. @rareyush My apologies for the late response here. Haven't had a chance to look into it yet. What is the domain of the new site? Is it live at the moment? Thinking I'd need to take a look and see what happens - if you could provide some more info. Thanks!
  15. @rareyush Thanks — trying to find time to look into this, but have been very busy lately. The only thing I can think of is that your network or ISP is somehow disallowing access to that domain... But that’s just me thinking off the bat.
  16. @rareyush - what is the legacy domain you have set in the module’s config?
  17. @rareyush — Thanks! looks like I'll need to do some checking there, or maybe I should use curl. Will open an issue for this and try sort it out today.
  18. @elabx Were you not redirected to the new docs site when trying the old URL https://rockett.pw/jumplinks?
  19. I've updated in the modules directory. Don't have time at the moment to look at this – if its needed urgently, please submit a merge request. 🙂
  20. The module has been moved to GitLab: https://gitlab.com/rockettpw/seo/markup-sitemap I have tagged 0.4.1-RC3, but have not yet updated it in the modules directory. Need to fire up the old laptop to get credentials for that.
  21. Hey @adrian - thanks for pointing this out. Both are valid points, so I'll try look into it this weekend.
  22. Hi @mel47 Seems odd as the vendor directory is included, and autoloaded. I'll need to take a look at this, but I'm afraid I'll only have time to do so this coming weekend. I'll open up an issue on Git in the meantime. Which version of PW are you running?
  23. Thanks @Robin S, I'll give that a try.
  24. @rash You're quite right. I did think about it earlier, but not 100% sure how to go about it... Would be awesome if we could do something like find('extends=FieldtypeImage').
  25. I've bumped to 0.4.0 RC3 on the repo.
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