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  1. maybe I should just replace my version with @nbcommunication's code and then see about replacing the current module with mine in the directory, or alternately, if Chris wants to keep the new version under their purview, then they could replace it. I guess we need to ask Ryan to intervene here and be able to backend edit that module record to deprecate Pierre-Luc's version... In terms of the compatibility, I'd say that it might be preferable to (if possible) run a version check and then only utilize functionality apropos the compatible version; I do think it is a problem to have a module that is in the directory that could possibly break an installation, though if the new version does state min version required, that should be enough to prevent users from inadvertently upgrading to an incompatible version...
  2. Here are some: https://themeforest.net/item/lovely-corporate-creative-multipurpose-html-template/19515847?s_rank=11 http://themedemo.indonez.com/?theme=Fina http://torbara.com/demo/?theme=HTML-GB
  3. No, you can't use the same field multiple times on a template... There are repeatable fields, like Profields Multiplier, Repeater, PageTable, or even Profields Textareas, etc, for when you need to have multiple iterations of a field on the same template...
  4. I had this issue yesterday - client says they added something to a page table, and then it disappeared. In this case we are not adding as children, but have set a parent. My suspicion is that the client had multiple tabs open, and saved the record later on another tab where they didn't have the item added. This then creates the orphaned page. so, same code as adrian posted, i'm using basically to fix these orphans... $p = $pages->get(####); $p->of(false); $p->page_table->add($pages->get(####)); $p->save('page_table'); though i think it will probably be better at some point for me to save the value of the page that created the record into that page table item, and then have a hook that runs and checks for orphans (not children) and adds those to the table.
  5. I've seen mod_sec trigger a request was aborted on servers with overzealous settings. sometimes the server contains a log of which rule triggered the condition.
  6. @nbcommunication wow thanks for this, and especially for working on the todos and cleaning up the code! Looking forward to using your improved version.
  7. thanks, ok yes that was it, i force reloaded the page (not in modal) and was able to uncache the js.
  8. Can't trash items in version 6 – click trash on the item, save and it stays put.
  9. wow awesome, thanks a million! Will get this downloaded and installed and let these particular users know, they will be happy! Edit: So how do i get this, i can't seem to find my order number, or the email receipt i was sent.. Also, i think my subscription expired?
  10. sounds tricky... not sure about that; don't want to make it too hard for you, so hopefully this doesn't present issues... I do see the underlying snafus with the modal being a separate process which needs to communicate with the page and the field specifically to display status of the items in the lister... but i don't know enough about how that's working; in the case of these users that i'm working with, they are flexible enough that if i explain how something works, they can handle some small amount of quirkiness here and there, so i can just let them know that the list won't really reflect which items are already in the field...
  11. is there any way to add an attribute to the items that are added by ajax save so i can do a check on the front end, and that would solve that.. not sure, just thinking out loud.. Maybe i need to hook somehow.. This is using AdminThemeUIKit; i will check again to see if the background changes on this one.
  12. Hi @kongondo, Hope all is well! Running into a couple of glitches here with VPS, and these were discovered in a meeting yesterday, more or less watching the client/users interacting with the field and having to sort of 'apologize' for the complexity and/or the peculiarities of the field. To sum up the current issues: (1) It seems that when adding an item to the field, there is some sort of ajax save going on (?) - this is contrary to a standard page field where the stored value of the field is not modified until the page is saved. The issue here is that the frontend is possibly updating to reflect that saved state of the field, prior to the user having a chance to save the page. An example use case illustrating why this is a problem would be say if your field is being used for selecting slides for a slider. The user may want to add slides, remove others, reorder the slides, possibly edit the slides all prior to wanting these changes to be reflected in the front end. With the current behavior, the newly added items appear on the front end prior to the user saving the page, and they found this to be unexpected behavior. (2) Users are still confused about the process of adding items from the lister. One issue is that they don't know when/if an item is selected, as there appears to be no indicator of that at the row level, so they would select something, then inadvertently unselect it in a vain attempt to get some visual feedback that the item they want is selected; Once they have an item selected, they need to scroll to the top of the modal window, and hit the plus button to get the item to add to the field. Not sure how else this could be handled but it is something they also have to remember rather than it being intuitive. (3) the process of removing items is also a 2 step process – they have to trash the item, then hit the remove button; this is fine, and as long as i add instructions on the top of the field it should be ok; But maybe there should be some visual feedback once they have 1 or more items selected for trashing that they now need to click the X button to actually remove them – saving the page with those items marked for trash (which would be the images field behavior) does not seem to remove them, so this inconsistency between similar looking fields is also causing confusion among the users. Currently I don't know of any better way than this field to allow these users to select items (such as images, videos, or other image driven content). The ability for them to use a lister to select items is great, and once you get used to the steps, it's basically fine, though some small tweaks that might address some of the current concerns could be nice polish for this. But currently the fact that items are pushed to the front end without users saving is the biggest issue that I need to resolve for this particular project/scenario..
  13. i'm getting errors when this module is installed, using the latest version of PW. Had to uninstall it to remove the error; this is ok in my situation as i wasn't doing anything complex; but would be good to see if this can be fixed somehow.. TIA
  14. I do a lot with $cache, it's great and super flexible, and easy to implement. I expect i'll be using it more and more in the future. I don't use markup or template cache much; I always use ProCache, but i think it's still important to have pages load pretty fast without it, as the first page load that generates the cache needs to be something reasonable that doesn't overload the server, or bounce the visitor. One thing i did recently on a few challenging situations was to use the $page to store markup. For example, using something like wireRenderFile, you can generate the some bit of markup and store it with the page, in a hidden field; this markup can be regenerated on save of the page using a hook, and then it doesn't have to wait to get regenerated on the front end. Another thing that is interesting to do is $cache within $cache, ... had to do it in a few places, it was tricky, but it really made a difference in speed..
  15. tracy didn't help with this, but turned out i was missing a closing parenthesis on one of the dozens of conditions and there was an extra one later, so the api call was triggering the warning, but not any error...🤦‍♂️
  16. PHP Warning: array_key_exists(): The first argument should be either a string or an integer in .../wire/core/Wire.php:954 I'm running an addHookAfter on saveReady to check for changed to some fields, and set some cache fields as a result. But every time a page is saved (usually by a non-superuser), the above warning is generated.. Some of the fields being checked are text, others are table, or page reference... not sure how to troubleshoot this one...
  17. i guess we do need to cleanup the checkboxes then, but i just copied the other checkbox config stuff for the new checkbox; I didn't realize that would make it checked by default; I guess this means that all of the checkboxes for this module are checked by default when you install;
  18. @adrian, in order for dynamic domain to work, all of the domains have to be registered/validated in Mailgun. So for most uses the dynamic domain is not necessary. It shouldn't have been checked by default, if it was, i'll have to figure out how to make it not so. This would only be useful for sites where you have identities that are sending from multiple domains; So for example if someone had a few forms, and one of the forms needed to have the sender email be a different domain than was entered in the form settings. If you are in fact sending from a verified domain, and the mails are not being sent, can you check the mailgun log to see what the error code is? Also, i should point out what happens if you don't use the dynamic domains, the emails will still go through, but will all be logged under the domain entered in the settings. The dynmaic domain just allows that config property, which is used for the CURL, to be changed on a per-message basis, setting the value of the api domain to the sender's domain (extracted from their email address). This files the messages under the correct domain logs in the Mailgun interface. If it is not working, one possibility is that the code to extract the domain is not 100% working for all email address formats.
  19. It should totally work, but i think you need to rename your assets, remove the Pro and then it will work, also remove the PPLP from the Activate for process.
  20. i incorporated those elements, so those are in the module now; Should be tested by someone though, eu region on the forked version. https://github.com/outflux3/WireMailMailgun/blob/master/WireMailMailgunConfig.php#L18-L27 https://github.com/outflux3/WireMailMailgun/blob/master/WireMailMailgun.module#L197-L205
  21. After further testing, it turned out that the dynamic domain is in fact necessary as i had requested it to be made to the original module author in 6/2016 (https://github.com/plauclair/WireMailMailgun/issues/7#issuecomment-228608931) The reason is that the messages won't be filed into the correct Mailgun logs unless the CURL domain is set correctly, therefore if you ever want to send from multiple domains from an PW site, the current version of this module won't work when you are not able to override that (such as messages sent by FormBuilder). I guess that maybe it could be achieved with a hook, but that would be too technical for most users; and people may be using this module and wondering why their messages are going in the wrong logs, or the from email is randomly being changed to postmaster@domain.com (happens when there is a mismatch between the sender domain and the CURL domain). New version supports the option now...
  22. @mel47 right, there are some shortcomings to the module; it is sort of a construction kit module, and those lines were put in and sometimes i do comment those on some sites, i was too lazy to setup permissions or config settings for that stuff; This module probably needs some work, bit i may not be able to get to it for some weeks or months. In the meantime, I tried to come up with a better system for managing documentation that could be usable on a much larger scale, and it is somewhat backwards compatible with this one, in the sense that the ProcessDocumentation gives you a lot more options; It doesn't do the accordion view; but it does have granular permissions for the help docs, and supports PDF export for any document, which is very helpful in the case that there is long documentation and the user wants to read it offline.
  23. Wow, yeah i didn't know $mail was a global variable... I updated the readme a bit; i think a lot if people might be overriding the global mail, because using the examples on this; So we should show both versions; they both seem to work the same. I commented out the public send();
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