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  1. seems sort of inconsistent; i guess when using new WireMail() it sets up an object separate from the WM classes..... (?) maybe an undocumented feature...
  2. Thanks @nbcommunication again for your continued work on this! I should be able to work in next week and sort this whole thing out, with testing of dynamic domains and other functionality for QA. As mentioned previously, the only reason I have not updated it is because I suspect that people may be running business-critical infrastructure with this module and any interruption to communication via email would be best to avoid. And specifically you can see that a lot of people (including me) are not fully clear about how the Wiremail system works; @Schwab's question illustrates this issue – you can't choose parts of the system to use different Wiremail implementations unless you have access to the API; Even then i'm not sure how the core selects which Wiremail module to use. For example, if you have WMMG installed and only want to use that from API calls, but also want to have WMSMTP running for Formbuilder, i don't think that is currently possible, though perhaps some hook magic would be the solution here... Usually if I install WMMG on a site, I assume all mail will then be routed through the relevant Mailgun account, including Formbuilder submissions, as well as any custom email sends from modules, tracy notifications etc.; I have not played with having 2 separate Wiremail modules installed, because last time i tried that, it didn't seem to work though i don't have notes about why or what the issues were; I do know that different Wiremail modules were using different method names for the same thing, like attachments and that became tricky to manage when switching between WM modules...
  3. @bernhard, perhaps you could hook into the URLs for the edit buttons and rewrite those to a custom view process which displays the uneditable content of the page? like admin/page/view/?id=1234 and then in your view process you could even render custom views, based on files in the templates folder... possibly make a render function that is similar to the core buildForm, but instead outputs only the markup value for each field..
  4. @bernhard i have 3 custom CkInlineActions, 2 are for selecting pages from a central media library that stores images, video, audio, and embeds. The other selects musical works from a list of works (pages). The editors can insert a link to any work without having to use page list select; this is pretty much essential, as using the page list select to find a record among hundreds would be too time consuming. (1) Insert link to work, the user types @ and then the first characters of the title... (2) Insert a shortcode to display a video or image (uses Ui-kit lightbox); The shortcodes are processed by a custom textformatter that does the replacements. to insert a video the users type ~v and then the module just shows all of the videos; you don't need to type the title of the video, as the behavior of the module in terms of how it displays results is based on how you setup your CkInline action. To insert an image they type ~i. Example of the shortcode that is generated by the inline action:
  5. @teppo - sorry about that, fixed now.
  6. wow, just tested and these changes seem to fix the problem... many thanks!😀
  7. @BitPoet - cool, thanks! And i'll keep also fiddling with it and see if i come up with any breakthroughs...
  8. easy to miss, but one of the most awesome and useful recent plugins, i've got it doing all kinds of crazy things, inserting images, audio, links etc.. And i did spent some fruitless hours trying to solve the positioning issue for overflow but sadly got nowhere on it....
  9. @bernhard - while the awesomplete library states that it might work with textareas, it would be somewhat clunky to add that support. Probably a better way would be to have a different module that approaches things a different way, especially since if you wanted to autofill a text area, you may only want to search for it by keyword or title, and not try and search within a larger block of text. Also, if you are looking for a module that you could already use to insert stuff into a ck editor, there is the Ck Inline actions which could be modified to insert blocks of text based on inserting a certain character and typing some word, which then displays a list of options inline and then it inserts the result. That's what I'd be looking into so that I could insert any boilerplate text anywhere into a Ck editor field, anywhere in the content. The major flaw currently with CK inline actions is that it breaks when the editor has overflow, so any long text in an editor you need to resize the editor to full height before using the inline actions.. If that could be fixed, it would be amazing...
  10. This is the topic for the new module, TextInputAwesomeplete. Github: https://github.com/outflux3/TextInputAwesomplete Modules Directory: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/text-input-awesomplete/ Text Input Awesomplete Key Points: Uses Awesomplete JS library for instantiating autocomplete suggestions on text input fields in Processwire CMS. Supports any text field, including Page Title (FieldtypePageTitle). Allows admins to configure a list of suggestions (textarea input), or pull suggestions from Processwire pages, by configuring which pages to pull from and which field's value to use. About Awesomplete https://leaverou.github.io/awesomplete/ https://github.com/LeaVerou/awesomplete Benefits & Uses Can be helpful for fields where users may need to enter the same text in the same field on multiple pages, and you can't or don't want to use a Page Reference field. One example could be a site where you send emails using various boilerplate subjects; Another place to use this would be if you had an existing site with a text field that has some inconsistency when same values are added. The autocomplete would help editors to always use the same format as the other pages with the same value. Installation Upload or install from Modules directory. Usage & Configuration Once installed, on any text input field (including Page Title), you will see an option to enable autocomplete. Once enabled you will have the option to type a list of items for autocomplete suggestions, or enable the module to search pages for suggestions. Note that if you enter any items in the Items List field, those will always be part of the autocomplete suggestions, in addition to pages if configured. If you elect to use pages for the suggestions, you have these options: Choose a template to limit by (adds a template=sometemplate to the pages find selector). Override which field to pull suggestions from (by default it will use the field you are configuring). Sets the $field!= in the selector. Setup a Selector for finding the pages for the autocomplete suggestions. This overrides the template selected. Note that the selector needs to return pages that use the field being configured, or the field selected for override. Screenshots: (1) Examples of in-use: Module Configuration Screen
  11. On my account, i have many domains, all use same API key. As I explained earlier in this thread, the only way to have send log entries go to the correct place in MG is to use the dynamic domain setting. Sure, if you are able to use the API when sending, then using setDomainName() works, however API is not used when Form Builder is sending out emails from WireMail, or many other scenarios where mail is being sent by the system; Without the dynamic domain setting enabled, your logs will be all messed up in MG, anytime FB auto responses are sent. Also, dynamic domain setting ensures you don't have to use setDomainName(), because even then, you'd still have to figure out which domain name to send from using the same code that is provided by the module...
  12. ok thanks, i'll be back on heavy module development in about a week or 2 and will be able to finally merge the versions and test and get this all sorted..
  13. I had a similar need recently for a new Fieldtype & Inputfield called AdminComments (allows users to post comments on backend pages). The way i did it was to have a Process module which installs when you install the Fieldtype and Inputfield. The javascript gets the endpoint from a data attribute that the inputfield generates (i put all the data attributes for the post url and other info directly in the inputfield, though it could have been put in the JS config also). If it helps to see this method, i can share that beta module with you. I also researched extensively to see if i could get away without a process module, and use some other endpoint, but was unsuccessful, so i just went with a Process Module. I made the module permission page-edit so that it doesn't need any special permissions to access when doing the post requests.
  14. Repeater pages themselves are not deletable because they are system status; if you activate advanced mode and look at the settings for any of those pages, you will see that they have that checked. In order to remove them you have to first remove that flag.
  15. my preferred way is to make a generic 'service' template, and have a 'services' index page, under which you can add as many services/ajax endpoints as you want; then you just have the template include the correct service php file by matching the name; in any given service file, you can do a return $this->halt() or exit() to stop the appending; you can also just turn off prepend/append for that service template and you'd be all set... that's risky and not so future proof; also on some templates it might prevent you from doing some processing before the head loads, for that template – maybe add a dns prefetch to the header, or a custom script or style for that template's pages. if you don't have a lot of templates, it is probably better to just include head and foot in each template file and skip the auto prepend/append. The benefit of using pages for your endpoints is that you have full native access to the api, and no bootstrapping necessary..
  16. @jens.martsch - ok thanks for the report; I haven't tested all elements of the new version – have you tested any other features, like the "dynamic domain" etc? The main reason it has not been updated is because full testing of compatibility hasn't been done by me yet, and i was concerned about current users upgrading and possibly things failing silently... Also I think the new version has a PW minimum requirement (3.0.123), and i haven't checked to see if the module config specifies, this, or what PHP versions the module is compatible with and putting in a minimum php version.
  17. this is great, will have to study this ... thanks for your work on this @elabx
  18. It's working great, i have it on about 20 fields now on 1 current/major project and this going to really make a world of difference in reducing support (calls/emails/trello cards)... I've noticed the more of these sorts of things i put in the admin (including stuff like Field Descriptions Extended, Context help for templates, and ProcessDocumentation), the more careful clients are to check before wasting my support resources...
  19. ok got it, i didn't get that for single select you have to check the tooltips option for this to work.. it's working now once i checked that... Maybe the description of that field could be modified to say that it is required to check that box for single select fields... thanks again!
  20. Astounding! I'm installing now on several sites! Working great so far, had to change line 195 to support textarea, as that's what i use for the info $text_fields = $this->wire('fields')->find('type=FieldtypeText|FieldtypeTextarea'); Testing the single select now, but noticing that the options don't have the data-info attribute, so there is no way to update the selected option's description by javascript – do you think it is possible to add the data-info to the options on plain selects?
  21. Recently I have been trying to improve the user friendliness of various page select fields, including single select and checkboxes. The issue comes down to the fact that if say for example you have a single checkbox, you can explain what the effect of checking that box is. But if you are using checkboxes on a page select field, there is no way to have any extended information about the option. An example of where something like this is already in use is on the Status field - each option has the title of the option, e.g. Unpublished, and then additional info, like "Not visible on site". Currently my solution is to use a custom inputfield that extends the primary inputfield, which extends the attributes for each option, and then use javascript for handling the display. On checkboxes, adding uk-tooltip to the checkbox labels with the data-description on the option becoming the tooltip content. (see screenshot below) On single selects, i have some JS replace the field description with the info about the selected option. (see screenshot). The reason i'm posting this here is to see if there is any simpler/better way to do this, e.g. hook into the creation of the options for any page field and add the custom attributes, without having to change the inputfield type. And i thought this could be a good candidate for AOS. To better illustrate how it works, i have included some screenshots and links to the repos for the select extended and checkboxes extended. Select Extended: nothing selected Option selected, with option's description showing: https://github.com/outflux3/InputfieldSelectExtended ----- Checkboxes Extended hovering over any option shows the option's description: https://github.com/outflux3/InputfieldCheckboxesExtended
  22. The caching though won't work if you are using wireRenderFile and reusing the same file with different variables that influence the markup when outputting. There would need to be another option where you could set some type of ID for the cache; Right now, if i have files being used with different options for output based on supplied variables, like a page builder, it will just render the 1st one over and over if i render the same file in succession.
  23. yeah for selecting icons there is a version of FieldtypeFontIconPicker floating around somewhere (possibly not the one in the directory) that works really well, will gave to dig that one up.. Edit - this is the one i use for icons, thanks to @OLSA
  24. Inputfield Selectize is the way to go.. it can do basically anything... here's a screenshot example; colors, icons all no problem..
  25. ok i'll be able to work on it starting next week, and will check back in here once i have something to report... Doh! just checked the modules directory and Ryan already made the switch... thx @ryan! Will proceed with testing now for ensuring we don't break things with the refactored code, might take a week or so on this...
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