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  1. This is a strange issue, there is a URL that has an encoded comma in it (%2c) and if you paste this URL into a URL field (standard field, or a URL field within a profields Table), that is converted to a comma. The issue is that the URL no longer works, so you can't use something like the AOS URL checker, and on the output of the URL, it won't work. I had to do a string replace of the comma back to the %2c to make the links on the front end work; But seems like a hack, and wondering what the issue is and if there is a standard way to handle it. The URL in question is this: https://www.carlfischer.com/o4361-masters+of+our+day%2c+volume+i.html
  2. I found the easiest way to get the styling for selectize was to remove the uk-input class. $('.AdminThemeUikit #Inputfield_tags').removeClass('uk-input'); Also, as an update, the new tags functionality for fields & templates does indeed conflict with the module – the result is a JS error which prevents any editing of templates or fields. Anyone using the "Selectize Template and Field Tags" and using the latest dev version, will need to uninstall that module for now, to prevent this error. I don't see any setting to disable the core text tags inputfield on the tags inputfield, on templates & fields. The only thing i can think of is to somehow destroy the selectize instance that the core is creating, and then the module can do it's usual init; But for now I haven't been able to figure out how to get that selectize instance to destroy it. Edit: In case anyone is reading this, i just pushed a temporary fix to the module which should prevent the JS errors and the consequent inability to edit templates or fields.
  3. I'm happy that Selectize.js is getting used more in the core. I should add that we've had the ability to use Selectize.js for page references (multi & single), image tags, and template & field tags since 2016. https://processwire.com/modules/inputfield-selectize/ https://processwire.com/modules/selectize-image-tags/ https://processwire.com/modules/selectize-template-field-tags/ Also if using the module for template & field tags, it tracks all of the tags in the system and provides a selectable list. And it has the option to selectize the icons as well, making it easy to search for icons for any field or template by entering the name of the icon. I've been extensively using all of these modules on all sites. And the inputfield has the additional benefit of allowing custom content for the selectable options as well as the selected options (separately configurable), meaning you can display various fields, icons, or even images on the selectable options. As Selectize.js has been more and more integrated with the core (for example with image tags), the modules have adapted. The Page Inputfields (single, multi) use the core selectize which has the benefit of being customized to work better with the admin. I'll have to see how the module interacts with the the template & field tagging. I think the best option is to allow admins to enable or disable the core init of the template & field tags, so that the module version can continue working, but I haven't tested the latest dev so don't know if it is an option.
  4. Thanks @bernhard & @adrian for the alternatives. I actually use ACF on a lot of sites as part of my standard setup; I think this subdomain thing on MacOS can be solved. I'll give AOS loading a try on a setup and see how it compares to ACF...
  5. Hi Martijn, That's great to hear! Sorry for bringing up this old module, but thanks for the reply. I'll see if i can dig into the code and make it work...
  6. Not sure why this is happening, but I can't use the latest version on Mac OS, local development (i can only use the 0.8.7). The module doesn't seem to understand the paths - i can't actually add dependencies, even though I know i'm adding the correct path, i even copied all of the dependency files into the ACF folder and it still report that it can't find the file and it won't add the dependency. Relative to ACF folder also can't use something like ./ to get to templates. If i put in the root relative path, the module outputs the wrong url to the file, it puts the subdomain twice. here is an example, on localhost, the root URL is http://localhost:8888/ and the subdomain is processwire_test1 the root relative url is presumably "/processwire_test1/site/templates/libraries/path-to-some-file.js" but the module outputs this: processwire_test1/processwire_test1/site/templates/libraries/path-to-some-file.js
  7. I don't think "$file->url" is correct. You need to put in the complete server path to the file. you need to use this instead: $file->filename() https://processwire.com/api/ref/pagefile/filename/
  8. The TextformatterSoundmanager https://processwire.com/modules/textformatter-soundmanager/ works well for embedding audio files, but uses shortcodes. This module is a good choice for simple things where you wouldn't need a playlist or control the skin etc, like you can do with SM2 module. You could also skin the audio element using something like plyr.io, which is a nice replacement for the default player. MediaElement.js also works in a similar way. I can see using this module for quick and simple applications though.
  9. Just chiming in - I don't have a solution in terms of why the sessions are not clearing when you visit the Setup -> Sessions, but for me, going to Setup -> Sessions does clear the old sessions. The first time I realized this was an issue was seeing the number of records in the sessions table; once i cleared those, the database shed something like 50-100MB. I also read some of the other solution (involving the ini_set) and this didn't work - it seemed to make the site basically tank, and run really slow. ... and i guess my point was that this sessions not clearing in the DB is still an open issue, at this time..
  10. @cstevensjr, this started on Wednesday of this week when Dreamhost made some bizarre unilateral ModSecurity setting that broke every ProcessWire site's ability to upload images or files. You have to open a support ticket and tell them to change the ModSec setting for every domain on your account to allow the CMS to work. They should be able to check their logs and know what to change, but you also might have to go back and forth with them and test it. I exchanged probably 10 emails with them on Wednesday while they repeatedly tweaked the ruleset until i was able to upload again. Last night i had to send them a list of ~20 sites that they had to adjust the ruleset for and they replied today that it is now done, but only time will tell if I start to receive complaints from site owners that they can't upload. This is certainly disappointing behavior from Dreamhost, and they should make amends. Hopefully they are going to learn a hard lesson once they get an avalanche of support complaints about this. By the way, you can easily tell what the problem is, if you upload while viewing the network panel. You'll see probably a 418 error and when you view the response you'll see Internal Server Error. 418 is the DH response for anything related to ModSec. In addition you can go into the server logs and open the log file (which may be pretty huge by now) and see the mod sec errors.
  11. these are errors in the vendor library, which is PW core, so nothing i can do to fix it; Only possibility is that your JS in the field settings has an error. I'm not getting any console errors with any pages running selectize inputfields, or any image fields using tags (which also use the PW core selectize.js).
  12. I have this issue on 2 sites so far - not sure how to fix it – do i need to manually create a dumps.json file in the site/assets/cache/TracyDebugger/ directory? Warning: PHP Warning: file_put_contents(.../public/site/assets/cache/TracyDebugger/dumps.json): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in .../modules/TracyDebugger/includes/TD.php:154
  13. @adrian - I don't see any errors in my console. I don't have any sites running latest dev, but did just check on latest master and don't see any issues. Can you post your field settings?
  14. this one still works great for me: but appears to have been removed from the modules directory. I'm using it on current sites.
  15. Awesomplete? https://processwire.com/modules/text-input-awesomplete/
  16. @gornycreative Currently the fix for the issue you reported is the one i provided. I don't know the internal specifics, but the arrays are not reset when saving the value/processing the form the first time, which is why I had to force any array value to a new array. So you will end up with no [0] index item under some circumstances unless you apply the fix. You can test it by dumping the value and then adding items to any multi page reference field, and then removing them one by one and hit save and look at the arrays. Also note that any 2nd save of the settings page does reset the arrays fully. It must be something to do with where/which hook we are processing the form input; For now this is a safe fix, and i'll cary on researching any further optimizations, but this may be the resolution.
  17. @gornycreative - you can try changing this line (221) $valuesArray[$key] = $f->attr('value'); to this: $valuesArray[$key] = is_array($f->attr('value')) ? array_values($f->attr('value')) : $f->attr('value'); which should always force any value that is an array to reindex to 0 based. Let me know if that solves it.
  18. @gornycreative - thanks for the report, i will test this and post back asap.
  19. Maybe S3 doesn't support fopen (?), i use this for getting files from S3 (though the files are protected); https://css-tricks.com/snippets/php/generate-expiring-amazon-s3-link/
  20. This one is designed to work in the admin, so all of the settings, and how the javascript works is only going to work in the admin. But it's such a simple plugin, you could easily roll it into a formbuilder form.
  21. cool - thanks - did it and it worked. Sorry for the 'false alarm'...
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