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Peter Knight

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Hi guys. 

Just wanted to properly say "hi" and thank everyone for all the help lately. I'd been posting as "sparrow" for many months while I got started and many of the regulars here have been a great help.

I'm an independent web designer from Dublin, Ireland, and my primary CMS is MODX.

A while ago I decided that 3 CMS would be a good number to settle on and I began to evaluate Craft and PW.

What attracted me to PW specifically has been all the good stuff I'm sure you already appreciate but in particular, I really like:

  • PW fields and especially how powerful the Profields set are
  • Lister (not released yet)
  • Image management (native and CropImage etc. Image control is brilliant in PW)
  • Fields control (allowing me to specify exactly which field(s) to display per template)
  • How friendly the community is
  • How communicative Ryan is re. the product and the fact that there is a roadmap and that roadmap is largely followed and updated
  • The array of great Modules available

etc etc.

But basically, PW has been impossible to ignore with the recent adittions of Profields and Lister.

I'm very much at the beginnings of my PW journey so to be balanced, these are the areas that I've found challenging:

  • Speed.
    I find *just* having a tree slows my editing down a lot. Would love to see a tree on the left and the page edit on the right. Obviously, I'm coming to this from a MODX perspective
  • Right-click
    Again, probably baggage from MODX but it's very useful to be able to right-click a page and duplicate, delete, move, hide from menu, quick-edit etc etc. I can't do this on PW. But mayeb there's not such a need. 
  • User control
    The user control and permissions look very basic. I'm used to much more fine grained control over which elements of the admin a client can see
  • Manager appearance
    When I first installed PW I found the box-iness and colors a bit hard to settle into. Some of that may have just been TinyMCE which I replaced and I believe made a huge difference. I know there are lots of themes available so that's not an issue now but was definitely a "first impressions" thing.
  • PHP
    That's not PWs fault. I've gotten used to working with tags so being pushed into a bit more PHP has been a challenge. I'm enjoying it though and feel my skills are slowly but surely coming on.

So that's my 2cent. Thanks again for all the help so far and it's great to be part of yet another very friendly CMS community.

On a side note, I have started a mini blog based on PW, Craft and MODX as I think they really are 3 of the best CMS available. Will update soon when I have a little more content.  :rolleyes:

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Damn, should've known they don't call kids those simple bird names nowadays even in Ireland)) Welcome to the forums mr. Knight!

Your multiple wishes are hard to address in one little topic in the Pub section. Searching for and participating in appropriate topics would be more effective and usefull to all of us. For example, there is already a topic about two column admin theme. Going there and posting something would bring it up and possibly move the discussion further.

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  • Hello Peter Knight!

    • I started in the community recently

      • I can only say ...

        • The cms and the community are great

          • Lists are cool :)

      • Edit by me

Because 2 lists

Are better than one.

Just kidding

Edited by blad
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