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    Hi @Ivan Gretsky nice to see you again. I didn't know about that module, i will test it. Maybe there is no reason to fix/finish my module if the goal is the same. Thanks for the answer ?
  2. blad


    Thanks. I will contribute more to this community ... I was working with other frameworks (not by choice). Maybe it's time to create the second processwire video
  3. Hi guys! I just uploaded a module to explore files based on elFinder. By default it will show the "Files" folder. Screenshots: Video: To do: More options To fix: The function of rotating or scaling an image fails Image editors V 1.01 (view issue) Fixed the bug working with the Multi-Language support ( translation of folders ). Fixed the name of elfinder.en Github: https://github.com/LuisSantiago/ProcessElFinder/ I hope you like it.
  4. New module (test) ProcessPagePuzzle https://t.co/cDU70zcrrl

  5. It's just a test version. I will do when the module works correctly. Thanks
  6. Hi guys! I'm creating a module to manage, edit, publish ... pages. It is very similar to ProcessBatcher. Changelog: In progress Features: Select pages with your mouse like a desktop enviroment. If you press "edit" the selected pages will appear in a lightbox. Drag pages to do actions. Any feedback is welcome
  7. Nice React meetup - https://t.co/5jJ3WlT8Qi

  8. Hi everyone I´m creating an AdminTheme based on Semantic UI framework. Here is the beta version. I 'm fixing bugs. Github here Changelog: 0.0.1 --- Fixed background color / image.
  9. Nunca un tweet en el que me mencionaran tuvo tantos me gustas :)@fabeloper @Guilean_Soon Gracias @fabeloper

  10. Yes. It works with Processwire 2.7 and with the dev version 3.
  11. RT @Guilean_Soon: Best web developer EU & USA @LuisSantiagoT

  12. A preview @JayUny I just need time. Thanks :)http://t.co/Z12Lw5ysks

  13. I have to fix the bug, do not use this module for the moment. Thanks!
  14. You're right. If you see other languages ​​appear \ / and no //. I'll fix it today Gracias Raul
  15. I´m breaking blad Glad to be here again. I will make another video soon, maybe it's more serious or a joke...I don´t know.
  16. I have no idea. Sorry I can´t help you, Here the same topic two years ago.
  17. blad

    Real estate site

    As LostKobrakai says are modules process. Other modules require DataTables by soma. As a first step you should see this page . Then you can download process modules and view the code. tsd & tpr. Are you brothers?
  18. Hanna code Admin hot keys Batcher Changelog FieldtypeCropImage
  19. Thanks, i will. Glad to see you here again
  20. Work process of my new website. 1.- Client area - Frontend login - View invoices - Submit a ticket - Change password - Domain Expiration - Hosting plan - Logout 2.- Frontend 3.- Backend
  21. Amazing tool. I Returned to processwire and I find this. Even if you don't have the avatar you're supermom. Good work pd: I cant replace supermom with superm A n ¿?
  22. Turn debug mode on in your config.php $config->debug = true; And see the result. Remember to change it back to false for production sites
  23. You can use the API to create a role and assign permissions. More information here and here.
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