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  1. Roles contain permissions . You must create a role and assign a permission (page edit). Reinstall the latest version of processwire. This should work. should work This should workThis should workT This should work
  2. blad

    Real estate site

    Thanks :S I must say that this design is not mine. The son of my client did that ... I made the bootstrap blocks and the real estate page "Inmobiliaria", the rest is not mine.
  3. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/2458-module-fieldtypeconcatenate/ Fast LostKobrakai
  4. blad

    Real estate site

    I was working at a startup with some friends and had no time. Thank you. Yes, It´s a bug , the second visit (cached) the image is at normal size . i don´t understand why. Thanks pwired
  5. blad

    Real estate site

    Hello again everyone. The latest web that I made for a real estate company www.grupoolmos.com. I am proud of code but not with the design. ; ) I created two modules for the backend. One based on jQuery datatables by soma for managing clients and relate properties (what the customer is looking ? What properties are available? ) This information can be sent by email , etc Another module is for the dashboard (a simple module process) .
  6. RT @Hara_Amoros: -Me llevo el nuevo iPhone 6.+Serían 900€, ¿quiere bolsa?-¿Cuánto cuesta?+5 cents.-Menudo robo.+Tienen el símbolito de…

  7. Done! Thanks Niko . I will return with an awesome video ... soon
  8. Hello everyone It will be a pleasure working with you but give me 20 or 30 days. I work 15 hours a day and I can not now. I will return in a few days with a new video and fix my modules .
  9. Good job another module to the repository. I usually use CSS media queries and/or bootstrap.
  10. I don't have much free time to do it. I will return soon Thanks nico good idea
  11. Thank you! this is only for images you might also like his brother (Alternative Grid Files), works with images and files and is configurable
  12. I´m glad you like it
  13. Thanks sforsman for the reply. Very helpful
  14. I´m sorry. Published. I use .delay(500) to show it. The preloader is displayed until the images, files, etc are loaded ...
  15. A proof concept of a preloader module with the function .load() Github
  16. RT @processwire: New module: Alt grid for files by @LuisSantiagoT shows a great custom grid view for files http://t.co/IUM3BeGdLl – https:/…

  17. In processwire by default if you double click on the trash all the files are deleted. Thanks
  18. It's not complicated, is a very simple module. I could expand it if I use other icons and not those of fontawesome. When I have time I will update thanks for your opinion.
  19. Thanks Martjin I'll update the brother of this module Alternative Grid Images to make it configurable. Thank you Like always thanks a lot @adrian
  20. Description This module adds icons based on the file type uploaded. It also lets you change the columns, etc. You can watch the video for more details or download and install. To make it work (do not know why) you have to change any configuration setting and save. Version Alpha version (0.0.1). Updated: 0.0.2 - Added Json name shorter, icons and columns. Updated 0.0.3 - Config in columns Updated 0.0.4 - Video and Audio extensions added. Updated 0.0.5 - Fixed select files and drag to upload div position. Updated 0.0.6 - Execution of the module only in the administration. What a fail! Github
  21. Hello everyone! I have properties and clients pages and want to make a statement showing what may be of interest to customers who are looking for. I have two different templates with fields that are repeated in both. I want to do a relationship in my module. My code works fine but looking for a more simple and efficient way and learn for the next time I do it. My site: - Clientes (template=clientes) - cliente 1 (template=cliente) ->fields (prop_precio, prop_zona, prop_tipo_inmueble, prop_tipo_transaccion) - cliente 2 (template=cliente) ... It also has a checkbox field (cliente_busca) because not all clients seeking properties. - Inmuebles (template=inmuebles) - inmueble1 (template=inmueble) -> fields (prop_precio, prop_zona, prop_tipo_inmueble, prop_tipo_transaccion) My code: $clientes = wire('pages')->find("template=cliente, cliente_busca=1, include=all"); $inmuebles = wire('pages')->find("template=Inmueble"); foreach($clientes as $cliente) { $out .= "<ul><li>Al cliente {$cliente->title} le pueden interesar los siguientes inmuebles...</li></li>"; foreach($inmuebles as $inmueble) { if ($cliente->prop_precio >= $inmueble->prop_precio && $cliente->prop_habitaciones <= $inmueble->prop_habitaciones && $cliente->prop_tipo_inmueble == $inmueble->prop_tipo_inmueble && $cliente->prop_tipo_transaccion == $inmueble->prop_tipo_transaccion && $cliente->prop_zona == $inmueble->prop_zona) { $out .= "<li>{$inmueble->title}</li>"; } } }; Any help is welcome.
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