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  1. @wanze just pushed up my PW folder here. https://github.com/smongey/landl The practice page (for example) loads fine when I load that page directly but if its loaded through an ajax call it just returns a blank page.
  2. Hi All, I’m building this site and have hit a big wall. http://smongey.github.io/landl/ What I’ve done is use ajax (via jquery load) to pull in different segments of a pages. When a user clicks a link jquery takes and splits the href attribute and pushes it into the load action like so to get the relevant page. .load($address + ' #page > *') this makes sure the contents of the div with id page all get loaded back in. the address variable is then stored and used for back button and changing links to active etc. I was pretty happy with how the static version was working but when I tried to implement into PW the parts of the pages with pw fields weren’t rendering. That link is to the static version of the site. I haven’t pushed up the pw version yet. If there are any ideas, thoughts, or even if I’m doing this wrong I’d really appreciate advice. Thanks Seán
  3. Ah nuts, Figured it out. Sorry I couldn’t remember the word for limiting text — truncate. Here’s my code for anyone in a similar spot: $summary = substr($p->field_name, 0, 200); echo $summary;
  4. Hi All, I could’ve sworn I had done this before but apparently not. I have a news page which displays 2 news entries. There’s a title field, an image and a blurb. I want to only show the first 100 words of that blurb field with a link below it to read more. How to I limit the output of the text on my template? Please and thank you. Seán
  5. No problem, glad you like it
  6. Thanks very much. All about the details sm
  7. Hi All, Long time listener, first time caller. Just finished this site for an irish photographer Philip White. Was my first attempt using processwire and have to say I love it. Was such an easy transition for me from using wordpress for the last few years. And most importantly Philip loves it too. The backend flexibility is great! http://philipwhite.ie/ Cheers Seán
  8. Hi, I’m pretty new to PW/php so be gentle. I have a project page which displays the fields title and images. I’m trying to output the content of the images field using: <?php $image = $page->images; echo "<img src='{$image->url}' />"; ?> What returns when I view the rendered page is the url of the directory where the file is without the actual file name in it. I tried echo "<img src='{$image}' />"; as well but then I just get the name of the file rather than the full url to the file on my server. What am I doing wrong? Please and thank you. Seán
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