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1 hour ago, teppo said:

Hey @B3ta — thanks for the suggestion. Just to confirm: are you talking about a feature that would clear the built-in template cache for current page, or perhaps the entire site — or something else entirely?

This sounds like a useful option, but there are a few variables here, such as whether one uses the native template cache or ProCache, and whether this option should clear cache for all pages or just current page. As such, I'm not yet sure if this could/should be added as a built-in feature to the module.

In my case clearing ProCache would be more than enough. This can be achieved in two ways in my opinion:

1.  Clear ProCache cache button  in admin bar. Will clear the caches for current edited page in all active languages. The downside of this can be that not everyone is using ProCache and they might have a useless button in the bar. 

2. Alternatively and probably the easiest way would be to insert/display “Save” button In admin bar.  By pressing Save will have the same functionality as option 1.

Thanks for considering this! 


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