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allow superusers to see + edit hidden fields?


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I looked through field settings, but it doesn't seem to be possible to make a field hidden/disabled on a permissions or superuser basis. For example, if there were fields in a template type that are too complex or "dangerous" to allow editing by a normal user, but should appear for an admin user to edit.

Right now, if I set a field to be hidden, it hides it from all users, even the superuser. Anyone ever have the need to get around this? Worse comes to worse, I'll code a simple admin-only page with autogenerated form fields that will allow the admin to edit the specific fields while they stay disabled within the normal pwire UI.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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there is field permission module by Ryan, you find it from modules directory. on mobile so I leave the searching for you.

Awesome, thank you! Can't believe i missed that module in my initial searching.

(link here for anyone finding this thread in the future)

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