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Quickest way to a PW site?


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Hi there! It's been a long time since I've been here. I've not developed for a good few years. My son has asked if I can create him a website for his personal training service. I used to have a Linode to host sites but I've not had that for a while. Also, it was a bit problematic being responsible for the web server and general setup. I wondered what the best/easiest way is to quickly establish hosting without the hassle? Something where the setup and PW installation is automatically handled? 

Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated! 👍


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Thanks diogo. Is it a service to install PW on a host of your choice or, do they provide hosting too? I checked the page but could quite work out the extent if what they do. Cheers.

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Softaculous doesn't provide hosting. If the hosting supports Softaculous, usually they will say it clearly in their marketing and prices page ("One click install over 400 applications!!" or something like that). I think this means that all Softaculous applications will be provided, but I'm not sure if the hosting can cherry pick. Softaculous gives you the choice to install via ftp from their web interface, but I don't see an advantage on doing that.

As an example, check the info provided by a2 https://www.a2hosting.com/kb/installable-applications/softaculous/manage-your-applications

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While Softaculous is a super convient way to install ProcessWire... almost all hosting companies (I know) that use it... are super cheap as in super cheap in service, super cheap in performance, super cheap in almost everything else.

Get yourself or your son a solid hosting at Digital Ocean (US), webgo (DE), or... some others. As you are living in UK (I presume due to your location tag) you might want to look at something like webgo.de. It's quite cheap for that you get. The Business Tarrifs are ideal as you can host almost anything there. Let's encrypt, Git, SSH, unlimited external domains, unlimited databases, and such... in the business tarrifs.

Sure... ~16EUR/month (for Business/ or 9,99 for personal) are quite expensive but unlimited external domains, while up to 10 (newly registered in the first year) are included. It's kind of a fair deal and I personally use them for about 3 years now. Before that I used... DreamHost, HostGator, NunHost, A2Hosting, AllInkl (DE), HostEurope (DE), ... yet webgo... is my favourite choice even for clients.

Drop me a line if your interested in a test drive. I could create you a demo instance to test it.

I could drop a promo / affiliate code or link but I prefer to not do things like that... as I just want to let people know what good hosting companies are here in Germany.

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