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  1. Thanks diogo. Is it a service to install PW on a host of your choice or, do they provide hosting too? I checked the page but could quite work out the extent if what they do. Cheers.
  2. Hi there! It's been a long time since I've been here. I've not developed for a good few years. My son has asked if I can create him a website for his personal training service. I used to have a Linode to host sites but I've not had that for a while. Also, it was a bit problematic being responsible for the web server and general setup. I wondered what the best/easiest way is to quickly establish hosting without the hassle? Something where the setup and PW installation is automatically handled? Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated! 👍 Cheers.
  3. Hi @mciccone - I saw that myself but, I couldn't get it to work at all. After your suggestion, I just tried it again and still, no joy. Dunno <shrug> If you have been able to make that work, I'd be interested to see the markup. For now, @3fingers approach works fine but, I just wondered whether there is a "definitive" approach to this recommended by UIKit or, whether it's one of those cases where there is just more than one way to "skin a cat", so to speak! Thanks for the heads-up!
  4. @3fingers - awesome! Thanks for the heads-up. So simple when you know how!
  5. Hi there, Just started with UIKit3. When marking up a grid, the gutter defaults to medium. If I add uk-child-width-1-3, my items wrap nicely but, whilst they are separated by the gutter, they sit on top of each other without gutter/margin in the vertical. What is the best approach to have equal space both horizontally and vertically with a grid's child items. Also, what is the best approach to reducing that space at smaller breakpoints? Many thanks!
  6. Thank you @abdus - you're the man!
  7. Hello @abdus - many thanks for your code and I understand where you are coming from with this. What I am basically trying to understand is with respect to the image represented by $page->images->first, which image from my example scenario would I put into ProcessWire in the first place - gazley_flat.jpg or gazley_web.jpg? I hope I'm making some sense here
  8. Hi there, I'm getting reasonably familiar with the approach of using srcset and sizes. However, I'm still somewhat confused about the base/reference image to use in PW. So, here's my use-case: I have an image in Photoshop that has been airbrushed and post-processed called gazley.psd. The layers are flattened into a JPEG that may be 15 -> 30 mb in size and the pixel width may be circa 3000, so now, we have gazley_flat.jpg, not web optimized. If I save that image "for web", it might reduce the image size by some 50% giving me gazley_web.jpg. However, this is obviously still way too big to use in an image tag! So, I might want to use an AR of 3:4 where the maximum rendered image will only ever be, say, 960px wide. However, I need 2x and 3x density depending on the device/screen that the image is ultimately rendered on. Considering the above requirement/use-case, what would be the correct approach to give me what I need? Many thanks!
  9. @Sanyaissues - pretty nice too! Thanks for pointing this out. So many cool solutions
  10. Hey @abdus, hope you're well. Thanks also for pointing me to these great javascripts I also didn't know about these little beauties either. I now have plenty to work with. I appreciate the heads-up! Cheers!
  11. Hi @DaveP - thanks so much for pointing me towards Intercooler! It looks awesome and I hadn't previously heard of it
  12. Hi, I'd like to add a continuous scroll effect to the home page of a site. I haven't done this before and wondered whether there is a "go to" solution that is recommended? Many thanks!
  13. Hey, @abdus - that's awesome information! Thank you very much for highlighting the size method and the hooking approach too. I'll get a solution from what you have pointed out to me. Cheers!
  14. Hi @abdus , I mean that if a user clicks on the square image, I'll render it in a lightbox as a full portrait image (hence using the word "mode" which I can see now is a little confusing!). By this, you'll now understand that I am talking about the square image being rendered in the front end of the system. Furthermore, I want to create a square image taking a crop from the center of the image, and if possible, trying to focus the crop around the main face in the original image. Many thanks for your input!
  15. Hi there, I'm looking to render some square images that are based on portrait originals. When the image is selected, I'll display it in portrait mode but when the images are in a "summary" mode, I want them square. What would be the best way to generate a square image from a portrait original? FYI, I would ideally prefer these images to based on IMG tags and not background images. Cheers!
  16. Thanks, Mike. I've got a handle on it all now. Just me being a dumb@ss
  17. Hi @Mike Rockett Sorted out the problem and it seems it was to do with my "understanding" of Laragon. I was physically selecting my laragon/www/angie directory as my document root. This allowed me to run angie.local but failed miserably using angie.local/processwire. When I selected c:\laragon\www as my document root, they both work. For some reason, I thought you had to select the directory of the project you were working on but it seems, I missed the point here. Is my "realisation" your understanding too? Cheers
  18. Hi @Mike Rockett - yep, it all works fine. I'm confused because the request for the processwire page isn't hitting PW at all. So, I'm guessing it's something to do with the web server but, I haven't touched any of that stuff in Laragon. It's worked fine from the outset and just this weirdness today when trying to get into the admin page for the first time in days. Just been building out twig templates and getting used to UIKit3 so, done nothing in the backend for a while.
  19. Hi @dragan, Just an aside, I put some debug code into the site root folder's index.php and noticed that it is hit when I load the site/homepage (angie.local/) but it isn't hit when I load angie.local/processwire !? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  20. Hi @dragan, The frontend is fine. I checked the admin name and it is "processwire". I also did a session redirect from inside the home page but got exactly the same 404 response. This is really weird - according to the DB, the last time the admin was accessed (by me only) was 24/8. I haven't touched anything to do with this, templates, DB, nothing. Dunno?
  21. Hey guys, I'm using Laragon (as pointed out by @Mike Rockett and it's really great. However, today, I tried to go into the admin pages under the URL http://angie.local/processwire and for some strange reason, I'm just getting a 404: Not Found The requested URL /processwire was not found on this server. I haven't changed a thing and am not sure where to start with this. I have never created a PW site without referencing the admin but any name other than "processwire". Any suggestions much appreciated. Cheers!
  22. Hey @Mike Rockett - had some fun last night trying to edit the hosts file on Windows 10. Lots of Googled threads on issues surrounding this none of which worked. After lots of messing around, I finally discovered that the antivirus program on the machine had locked the file in a process (for security reasons). Deep in its configuration, I found a setting to release the hosts file. When I did that, I was then able to add the angie.local reference. When I looked again, I also discovered that Laragon has added the same line into hosts with a comment "some Laragon magic!" So, it seems that Laragon will update hosts as long as it's writable. Thanks for your help with this Mike - I appreciate it
  23. @Mike Rockett - just to clarify, I have set up a project/folder called "angie". If I type "angie.dev" in the browser, I get the page in the attached image. If I just type localhost, I get what I need, the document root of the c:\laragon\www\angie folder. This is just fine, but, some of the documentation I've read suggests that you can type http://angie.dev/ and the page will load. Obviously, I'm not seeing this. Any thoughts? Cheers.
  24. @Mike Rockett - that's really cool! I've added PW and it creates the directory structure and contents. However, when I try and access the site, it just says "Site can't be reached"? Tried a few different names but no joy. Any ideas? Sorted it... doh Cheers!
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