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  1. Hi there, I looked around the PW site but I could see where the Architects download is. I would like to take a look at it to get an idea of how certain things are done. Many thanks, --Gary
  2. Hi there, I have my default basic site installed that has a few templates and fields. Are there any default fields in PW? I would like to clear this site down and start from scratch but don't want to delete anything that should be there. Thanks --Gary
  3. Cool - thanks for the confirmation!
  4. Hi there, I want to use Bootstrap with my templates. This may seem a very obvious question but am I correct to assume that you simply add the various Bootstrap folders in to the PW templates folder? Normally, the pathing in Bootstrap is relative to the location of the page(s) in the site structure. However, I am unsure how PW utilises the template folder when pages are actually being served. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here Any thoughts around this one would be appreciated! Thanks --Gary
  5. Hi Pete - thanks for the references. Is the cheatsheet the normal way to go? --Gary
  6. Hi - I use PHP storm and wondered whether anyone has managed to get code completion against the ProcessWire global variables when editing templates? Thanks!
  7. I've learned a lot today. Thanks to everyone for their help!
  8. Thanks Ryan. So when you say RewriteEngine, you mean mod_rewrite ?
  9. OK, crazy day trying to figure out Apache + PW and all seems OK now. I get the default basic site when I should. However, how on earth do I load in Admin mode, so I can see the tree of pages etc. What obviousness am I missing Thanks.
  10. Think I have resolved this - by reverting the .htaccess back to its default with the changes in the VirtualHost only, this now seems to work! Phew
  11. I tried the "dfsfdssfsfsdfsfdsdsfs" in .htaccess and after changing Allow to All in the VirtualHost file, I finally saw an error generated because of .htaccess. So, I removed the garbage string and set RewriteBase but now, I just get an internal server error. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Man, I'm, struggling with this. I have my original ExpressionEngine installation that works like a charm but I cannot seem to get ProcessWire working at all? Right now, I have the following physical path on my virtual server: /var/www/ProcessWire I have a processwire virtual host config in /etc/apache2/sites-available and a symlink point back to it in sites-enabled. If anyone has a VirtualHost and .htaccess file sample that should work in this configuration, please let me know
  13. Hi there, I've looked in .htaccess and there isn't any directory information or examples around RewriteBase. Do you think something might have gone wrong on the installation? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I managed the installation and fired up the starter web site. All seemed well but when I click on any of the page links in the basic application, I just get messages like (different for each page): Not Found The requested URL /ProcessWire/about/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at egerton Port 80 I'm running Ubutu server 12.04 in a VirtualBox on an iMac. I pulled PW last night using git clone. I have deleted install.php and the install directory. Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks --Gary
  15. Hi, I've started to install PW and I am seeing the following messages: As to error 1, should these be writable for the Apache user, IOW, www-data ? Same question again for error 2 Error: Directory ./site/assets/ must be writable. Please adjust the permissions before continuing. Error: File ./site/config.php must be writable. Please adjust the permissions before continuing. Many thanks, --Gary
  16. Thanks Pete! I will study yours and adamkiss's suggestions. I'm really impressed that there is any kind of response over the weekend. BTW, I'm based in Manchester so, not a million miles away from you! If it's OK with you, I'll get back to you if I need a little more advice. Regards!
  17. Thanks for your reply. When you refer to /site/assets/files/$page_id - as this is all new to me at this stage, I assume then that $page_id represents and individual page entity and if so, then assets used by the page are stored with the page? The downside being that they [assets] cannot be accessed from other pages. Is this correct? If there is anything in the documentation that is definitive around this topic, that would also help. Thanks again
  18. Hi there, In ExpressionEngine (EE), you can define target upload folders and specify what can be uploaded. For now, my main area of concern is images. In your templates, you can then specify the upload folder for image placement. In EE, when you upload an image, you can also specify a list of additional named "actions" against the original upload that will, for example, create different versions of the images at different sizes. So, with a single image upload, you would have the original full size image, maybe a "thumbs" folder with a userdefined thumbnail size, and perhaps a "medium" folder with the image at 50% of its original size. This is really flexible and I wondered whether there is anything like this in PW or how you would routinely achieve this kind of thing? Many thanks.
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