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Looking for a backend template/theme whith less spaces between elements.

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As we are building some webapplications with the PW backend , having those really big spacings between all field elements in forms and everywhere is not too practical. 

UI Kit already has less spacings between all elements than Bootstrap for example , but i am looking fore a more condensed BE Theme.  Maybe someone already made something like that?

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Are you aware that you can fully rewrite the UIKit admin theme? Just copy the wire/modules/AdminThemeUikit folder to site/modules/. The next time you load a page in the backend, PW will ask you which version you'd like to use. You can even choose if you'd like to use SASS or LESS, iirc.

If that's overkill for you, you can just override paddings and margins if you write / load an extra admin.css.

But the first thing you should consider, is to simply configure the admin theme via GUI @ site/backend/module/edit?name=AdminThemeUikit&collapse_info=1

And of course, PW lets you define borders, paddings, margins and background-colors on a per-field basis.

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@NorbertH you could give a try to a theme I made but still not released: https://github.com/flydev-fr/AdminThemeGitKit

Still not finished but already cool. To make the theme more condensed, in the theme settings, you can use the following options :

- Layout + Interface > Inputfield column width > Select option B (percentage-based)

- Forms + Input > Select option Small

- Primary CSS file should be set to :  site/modules/AdminThemeGitKit/uikit/dist/css/uikit.git.min.css


Feedbacks welcome 🙂

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@flydev could you please share some screenshots or screencasts?

@NorbertH did you try my module? It's exactly built for such backend modifications without having to build a whole new admin theme (and I'd be happy to have a more condensed version as well, but CSS is not my strongest skill):


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