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Hi guys!

I just uploaded a module to explore files based on elFinder. By default it will show the "Files" folder.





To do:

  •  More options

To fix:

  •  The function of rotating or scaling an image fails
  •  Image editors

V 1.01 (view issue)

  • Fixed the bug working with the Multi-Language support ( translation of folders ).
  • Fixed the name of elfinder.en 



I hope you like it.

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@blad thanks for this module. Sadly, I get an error when trying to access setup/elfinder: Call to a member function getLanguageValue() on string on line 190: 
$title = $p->title->getLanguageValue($this->user->language);

Even when I don't select "show page titles instead of id", this fatal error is thrown.

The "Example connector configuration options" textearea is read-only. Is that intentional?

PW 3.0.111, debug and advanced mode = on. Multilang PW-site. 
PHP 7.2.11
Tracy 2.5-dev

Any ideas?

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