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Date field as Page Label


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I have lots of blogposts in my pagetree and I want the pagelabel to include the value of the post’s datefield (only the year).

Adding date | title in the template settings results in something like…
1536012000 | my blogpost title

Is it possible to convert the timestamp to a readable date?


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I have the following In my template's settings under Advanced > List of fields to display in the admin Page List

{event_start_datetime} - {title}

I believe it will show the date as the field is configured under the field's date and time output format code in the field's settings > Details.

In my case the page tree shows:

May 2, 2018 7:30 pm - Name of my event

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37 minutes ago, tpr said:

I usually don't set dates output formatting because it's easier to handle in templates, and this way they are displayed as timestamps in the page list.

If that's your concern you could always use $page->getUnformatted('datefield') in your templates and use the outputformatting just for the backend formatting.

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