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Lock repeater item for editing

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I would like to prevent future editing of a repeater item once a checkbox in the repeater item has been checked. Either the form inputs of the repeater item should be read only or only the field values should be rendered.

Looking at the module code I can't seem to figure out where to hook for that functionality.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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A quick&dirty piece for site/ready.php. The collapsed status still needs some working on, but it appears to also be working in ajax mode:

wire()->addHookAfter("Field::getInputfield", null, "hookGetInputfield_lockCheckedRepeaters");

function hookGetInputfield_lockCheckedRepeaters(HookEvent $event) {
	$thisPage = wire('page');
	// Only run our locking logic if we are editing the page in the backend
	if($thisPage->process != "ProcessPageEdit") return;
	// We don't want to lock the repeater itself (or do we?)
	if($event->object->type instanceOf FieldtypeRepeater) return;
	$repPage = $event->arguments(0);
	$context = $event->arguments(1);
	// The backend retrieves the field within the repeater context, otherwise something else
	// is happening we do not want any part of ;-)
	if($context != "_repeater" . $repPage->id) return;
	// Set collapsed status in the input field (the event's return), could be made a little
	// more elaborate
	$event->return->collapsed = ($event->return->collapsed === Inputfield::collapsedNo || $event->return->collapsed === Inputfield::collapsedNoLocked) ?
								Inputfield::collapsedNoLocked :


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Probably obvious, but if you want to lock only repeater items that have the checkbox checked then you would add a conditional for that in the hook that BitPoet suggested.

if($repPage->your_checkbox) {
    $event->return->collapsed = ($event->return->collapsed === Inputfield::collapsedNo || $event->return->collapsed === Inputfield::collapsedNoLocked) ?
        Inputfield::collapsedNoLocked :


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@BitPoet Thank you very much for the heads-up. Also to @Robin S.

I finally ended up with this hook function in a module context which does exactly what I need, also in ajax mode:

    $this->addHookAfter('Field::getInputfield', $this, "lockConfirmedItems");
    public function lockConfirmedItems(HookEvent $event) {

		if($this->user->isSuperuser() || $this->user->hasRole('certificationadmin')) return;
		$thisPage = wire('page');
		// // Only run our locking logic if we are editing a user in the backend
		if($thisPage->process != "ProcessUser") return;
		$repeaterPage = $event->arguments(0);
		$context = $event->arguments(1);
		if($context != "_repeater" . $repeaterPage->id) return;
		if(!$repeaterPage->confirmed) return;
		$event->return->collapsed = 7;


Setting collapsed with the Inputfield constants like in BitPoet's code didn't work for me.

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I would like to lock a specific repeater item with the id 1553 to prevent editing from non-superusers but none of the above work. Can you please help?

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7 hours ago, PWaddict said:

I would like to lock a specific repeater item with the id 1553 to prevent editing from non-superusers


$wire->addHookAfter('Field::getInputfield', function(HookEvent $event) {
	$page = $event->arguments(0);
	$inputfield = $event->return;
	// Only for non-superusers
	if($event->wire('user')->isSuperuser()) return;
	// Only for a particular Repeater page ID
	if($page->id !== 1553) return;
	// Set collapsed to Inputfield::collapsedNoLocked or Inputfield::collapsedHidden as suits
	$inputfield->collapsed = Inputfield::collapsedNoLocked;


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      The "Use accordion mode?" option in the Repeater field settings is useful for keeping the inputfield compact, with only one image item open for editing at a time. The "Repeater item labels" setting determines what is shown in the thumbnail overlay on hover. Example for an image field named "image": {image.basename} ({image.width}x{image.height})  
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