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Newbie question: How change homepage


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I need to change home page of my one page site. Not only the template, but also content.

Actually page tree is like this:

  • Actual home
    • New home

I would like to move "New home" to root, and delete "Actual home". I thank this would be easy to do, but I don't know how. Two templates allows to have children.

Thanks a lot, (and excuse my english)
I love PW!

Toni Castillo

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You can kinda "clone" a page into home page like this, but it can't copy image/file fields (as far as I tested).

$source = $pages(1015);
$home = $pages(1);


// change template (remember to create new template file and allow access to guest users in Template > Access)
// $home->template = $source->template;

foreach($source->template->fieldgroup as $f) {
    if ($home->hasField($f)) $home->$f = $source->$f;


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of my one page site

Since this is a one page site as you mentioned there cannot be too much content involved and so I wouldn't bother. Create a backup folder alongside your templates folder, download your template files, delete the pages in the tree and setup a new page in the tree with a template file in your backup folder.

You can also make use of Processwires ability to export your templates and fields:



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A workaround - though not really pretty - could be:

Assign a new template to the page "Actual home" using this template file (say) redirfirstchild.php:

<?php namespace Processwire;
if($page->numChildren) $session->redirect($page->child()->url);

That would redirect a request of the "Actual home" to the "New home" page.

Downside of this: The URL would become something like "yoursite.com/actualhome/newhome/" (whatever pagenames you use).

To suppress the "actualhome/" part, you perhaps could use URL segments (I don't have any experience with them).


And you'd keep the "Actual home" page in the tree (content removed, of course).

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3 minutes ago, ottogal said:

redirect a request of the "Actual home" to the "New home" page.

That would score worse in terms of SEO, though. Having a homepage that immediately redirects is frowned upon.

3 minutes ago, ottogal said:

To suppress the "actualhome/" part, you perhaps could use URL segments (I don't have any experience with them).

You cannot supress with urlSegments if the page already exists. From @ryan:


Should there be a child page that has the same name as a URL segment that the parent page's template is looking for, the pages in the tree always have precedence. Meaning, URL segments only apply if the requested URL did not resolve to an actual page. As a result, you should avoid using URL segments where you think the page names and URL segments could collide.


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To clone the page seems to be the cleanest approuch after the file/image thing is covered too.

But maybe an Alternative could be to alter the home-template file to get the new page and render this in the home url.

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4 hours ago, abdus said:

You should also note that the images inside the html CKE fields will still point to the source page. So copying images alone may not be sufficient. 

I have no idea why this isn't in the core, but if you are cloning, be sure to use this module: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-page-clone-adapt-urls/

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