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  1. This is not the case, but thanks.
  2. Good idea!
  3. Thanks @ottogal I used @abdus clone page code and it worked perfect, except images, like he said, but it not a big deal. Thanks!
  4. Since this is a one page site there is a lot of content on this page . So I think clone it is the best option. I don't understand why is not a easy way to move a page to root. Thanks @abdus and @pwired!
  5. Hi I need to change home page of my one page site. Not only the template, but also content. Actually page tree is like this: Actual home New home I would like to move "New home" to root, and delete "Actual home". I thank this would be easy to do, but I don't know how. Two templates allows to have children. Thanks a lot, (and excuse my english) I love PW! Toni Castillo