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  1. Hi @horst. The image debug info is everything ok. And the process-diagnostics plugin doesn't detect any problem. I'll check my workflow chain. Thanks
  2. Hi. Can I ask why this happens? When I upload a jpg, the meta keywords and description of the file loses the accents and spanish symbols of the words. Original image on the left, and the image generated by PW on resize on the right. This happens on resize. The uploaded file is ok. How can I control which meta keep in the photo? Thanks a lot (and sorry for my English)...
  3. Thanks @ottogal I used @abdus clone page code and it worked perfect, except images, like he said, but it not a big deal. Thanks!
  4. Since this is a one page site there is a lot of content on this page . So I think clone it is the best option. I don't understand why is not a easy way to move a page to root. Thanks @abdus and @pwired!
  5. Hi I need to change home page of my one page site. Not only the template, but also content. Actually page tree is like this: Actual home New home I would like to move "New home" to root, and delete "Actual home". I thank this would be easy to do, but I don't know how. Two templates allows to have children. Thanks a lot, (and excuse my english) I love PW! Toni Castillo
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